GQ probably coined the phrase Sex Sells (20 photos)

  • The Dude

    Ha Ha Dumbass in # 12 got some

    • Ralk

      Love the Red innuendo.. People won't get it apparently…

    • R. Wiggum

      I got it dude.

  • chrisdg74

    Wow. Um, if you'll excuse me for a few minutes ladies….

  • Dakota

    seth rogen sells.

    • Icabod Stone

      Kardashian ruined this post…I personally know 17 girls that look better sucking on a cock than what she does in that trainwreck of a video

      • Dakota

        i don't process her image, ever.

        • Nateb123

          Kim Kardashian was in one of these photos? I really didn't even notice.

    • An Amazed European

      sex rogen sells!

      damn that was lame.. :p

      • Dakota

        i LOVE this!!!

  • misainzig

    Fucking celebrities! They get all the sweet photo shoots, and I'm stuck with my mullet in pre-school pictures…

  • N/A

    shame Piers Morgan writes for GQ he's a lieing slimy cunt, just do a bit of back round reading on the bastard and you know why

    • Tom

      Learn to spell and construct sentences properly you Trottel (that's German. Look it up)

  • McBeastie

    What the hell is going on in #13? Shouldn't those two switch places?

    • Lisa Martin

      She is giving him a massage…and honestly…giving one is damn near as good as getting one. They're smokin' hot.

    • illini2097

      hahaha! thats exactly what i was thinking too!

  • Lisa Martin

    Wow. The chicks are hot…and some of the dudes. Nice to see balance. And OMG@some of them…wow.

  • mipo2010

    Yup, It sells…And we buy it up!!!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    #11 Yes please!

  • stafferty

    I know the next mag I'm subcribing to. Great post.

  • what

    Is this from a particular issue or just a collection of pulls from multiple issues and the website?

  • Gandalf..

    That made me enough horny for tonight…

    • pea tear griffin

      why is everyone hatin on gandalf?! is it cos he hasnt turned into gandalf the white yet? cos that shits racist

  • Paris

    Wow…that's hot.

  • Icabod Stone

    Let's be clear here!!! Heterosexual sex sells here at the Chive. None of that rainbow wearing, parade having "oh im gonna commit suicide" crap. 1 less the way I look at it

    That's right I said it!!! And most of you were thinking it!!!

    • Dakota

      aw, let's all be friends now

    • aosux

      What are you talking about? I didn't see anything to prompt that comment. Did I miss something or are you looking at a different post than the rest of us?

  • skedaddle

    I'm surprised that dude in #9 isn't spilling that drink all over himself….

  • Everyone

    Chive, you are doing it wrong.

  • Coldzilla

    For a while there one would have thought that would be Joseph Gordon-Levitts closest shot at gettin any 😉

  • HardCore Mike

    #11 FTW

  • Pat

    I'll buy whatever the hell # 11 is selling!!!!

  • R. Wiggum

    LOL at Foreman !!! #12 also, ive been told i look like the guy in #16.

  • Michael

    #13 – yer doin it wrong

  • skull head

    MMMMM the ladies thank you for #5 and #7

  • Libertariandude

    3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 17: amazing. I think it's the same girl. Does she have a name?

    • qwerty

      Not sure about 3 but 4,5,7,11,13 are all from the same photoshoot with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Victoria's Secret) and Jamie Dornan

    • qwerty

      Oh,and 17 is Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush,and so is #2

  • Bob

    Replace all the men wth hot women and it would be perfect.

  • Catence

    What I would give to trade places with the girl in #16…

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