GQ probably coined the phrase Sex Sells (20 photos)

  • Chivemaster

    A little too much dude in here for my taste.

  • FiLMmQ

    RIP Burning Dan. My best to you and yours, JGL.

  • Stupendous

    #11 FTW!!!

  • osborl12

    #11 Hooray for nip!

  • Why Not?

    #11, thank you Chive

  • illini2097

    # 17 please!
    in the swimsuit!

  • kitkat49601

    Love these kind of pics…clean erotica. Gives one ideas, doesn't it? Heh heh heh

  • communityfrance

    who is the 9? (girl)

  • Derp-a-derp

    #9 has been my favorite GQ photo in my several year long subscription. She is just re-godamn-diculos

  • blah

    what's with black men all over white women?

  • takamata

    dear chivers, i must know please help me get my 200 clicks! i want to know!

  • Blondame

    would be a nice thot for a while if I didn't know that 99% of all male models are gay, and that after that shoot, they are probably going to giggle, high five each other, and go eat donuts…:(

  • Vij

    11 is amazing

  • duffman0313

    MOAR #11 The chick Duh…

  • boo

    Joseph Gordon_levitt got so effing hot its ridic.

    • Justin Hall

      I dunno, I think he looks like that girl in that sitcom "Third Rock from the Sun"

      • Beau_INAF


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