OH HI

  • DemonSpawn

    HAHA thats great!

  • Eric

    That's a little more than horrifying.

  • robsterling

    He's not homeles. i saw him on HLN this morning. He borrowed the sign from a real homeless guy.

    • Dr. Marklar

      Glad you pointed it out. Intriguing and inspiring nonetheless. It's good to remember those that society often ignores and treads upon.

  • stafferty

    This guy is awesome. I would probably give him a 10 spot.

  • Jaxk

    The other morning I went to the post office before it opened to send a letter off. There was a lady sitting on the floor. She asked me how I was doing, I told her I was well. Then I asked how she was doing, she replied, "Homeless." All I said was "That sucks." and walked out the door. I wish I could go back and give her a fiver or something. I feel bad about it.

    • Full Tilt Croaker

      Never pay a whiner- that's why our country's where it's at. EVERY F'ING day could be worse. Focus on the positive.

  • Ellis

    A true starving artist. I hope things look up for this guy.

  • DixonOrmus

    the guy kinda looks like a fat Gord Downie. wondered what he was doin these days

  • tommybhoy

    Great song with an awesome performance!

  • Damein

    That was friggan awesome. i'd drop him some cash or buy him a bag or groceries for him n his kids.

  • mipo2010

    2 Kermit's 1 guy…

  • Creeed Braton

    didnt mind the frogs, but was anyone else creeped out by the guys facial expressions?

  • babymistakes

    Bullshit that guy's homeless.

    • defrostynating

      Yeah hes not, he's a preformer. Saw da vid before, that had a disclaimer on it though.

  • Cappuccino

    #1: This guy is not homeless, as has already been discussed.
    #2: TWO Kermits? WTF? That doesn't even make any sense. I was too distracted by having two Kermits.
    #3: It's a guy with puppets. Since when has this been impressive?
    #4: I guess I'm being a douche about it. I'm just confused.

  • droxford

    ok, yeah, I’d give him a buck.

  • theFlow

    1) Maybe he isn't homeless, but he might have been one, couldn't he?
    2) He is deam good
    3) I don't think he needs money for himself. The way I see it, it's more a social generocity thing.
    4) I guess you are…

  • thetech2

    I can't walk by a homeless person with out giving somethng homelessness is rampant everywhere I help where I can I do what I can and I still feed my family its hard to tell the crooks from the sincere though

  • eduardomena89@gmail.com

    Finally this video just GAVE ME BACK 4:14 minutes of my life of those that I have wasted on the Internet looking at so many garbage…

  • Richy

    Honestly, if he's helping bring attention to the fact that we as a people ignore most homelessness then kudos to him. The website at the end if for helping homeless people, not him in particular.

  • Dan

    If you're creative or have any sort of work ethic, you won't be panhandling. This is the exact reason why I don't give handouts to homeless people who do nothing but sit all day. Being homeless, yea I'm sure it's awful, but collect cans, bang on some drums, clean a park do something worth being paid rather than expect charity.

  • Full Tilt Croaker

    Probably two squirts of piss from being there myself. I appreciate anyone who looks outside the box to make some $. No big crowds for him, but he ain't watchin' Springer all day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1412844547 Timmy Hennessy

    I'll have what he's having

  • jason, back in pc

    i would pay a street preformer, or anyone with a gimmick of any kind in a tight spot, but i hate a begger! i lived in Memphis for a while and moving there form PCB, Fl. i would pass out a buck every now and then but my God! you hand out a buck there and the beggers swarm you like seagulls after a bag of chips! many times i have had to fight them off, once with a broken beer bottle because they tried to roll me. now if i see a begger i beat them to the punch, there really agressive there so i would do exactly what there about to do to me. i look em straight in the eye and yell give me a dollar! the reaction is priceless! what they get for being homeless and an asshole, really cant aford to be both in life i guess.

  • Heber Coll

    If he has a real homeless guy I'd give him $100 and a meal.

  • LOL

    homeless or not give him some money

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