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  • El Piloto Loco

    hahahaha… yeah,,, umm a blow up doll saved my life honey… it just came floating down the river..

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    #16 i bet the teacher's name is marie

  • Its-a me, Mario

    16 is awesome, at least I thought until I saw 21…….and then 22, now thats just sweet stuff.

  • vzla-ftw

    16 lol

  • Miss Turnip

    I don't get 16:( ?

    • bloodhappens

      I think it's this: if it takes her 10 minutes to make the one cut to make one board into two pieces, it WILL take her 20 minutes at that pace to make the two cuts to make a board three pieces. Yes?

      • Generino

        Yes. The teacher misinformed her. Teachers have been known for this.

        • hypoluxa

          misinformed? . . . the teacher is an idiot.

          • http://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

            The teacher was wrong, but it's also a shittily worded question.

            • Oktoberfest

              Shittily worded question ?? it looks like a 3rd grade question … and he had it good !

              also, that teacher maybe corrected about 20 exams and every student probably had the right answer. However, teacher still managed (after 20 corrections) to not notice she was wrong all the time… and not in the kitchen.

      • SreyaNotfilc

        Exactly, I would've been the parent who would have raised Hell and got this one reversed.

    • helixx

      It's ok, the teacher didn't get it either.

    • Fred

      I didn't either…I think what the pic is trying to say is that the teacher is wrong…the correct answer is 20mins. If you had a circular saw and it took 10 mins to cut a piece of wood in half, it's always going to take 10 mins to cut that same style wood in half. So cut it in half takes 10, and to cut one of the already-cut pieces AGAIN in half takes another 10. That's my logic.

      • MarkAssBuster

        if it took you 10 min to cut wood with a circular saw – that is one BIG piece of wood!!!

        usually takes 3-5 seconds… or 1 min including measuring & twice cutting once 🙂

        • mikethecarpenter

          i wood have piled them up and cut once and had 4 or 6 pieces, also if that teacher had any real world xp she would see that its not a ratio problem that can be solved like that but a time usage and amount. I love teachers but holy crap really?

  • jorge

    miss turnip, it takes 10 minutes to cut a board in half. presumably, to cut another piece in half would take another 10 minutes (and leave you with three pieces). 10+10=20 minutes. The teacher says 15.

    • Sarah

      Well technically after 2 cuts you'd have 4 pieces – but we get where you're coming from.

      And I agree the teacher is a numpty

      • Sarah

        Duh – god I'm such a blonde… ignore me..

        (for some reason the above made perfect sense at first as I was thinking of two planks of wood.. and not cutting one plank into two, then one piece again)

  • bloodhappens

    Oh, and #31, your own butt only counts as one hole, no matter how many times you stick your thumb in it.

  • Why Not?

    4 is a picture of heaven
    13 made me lol

  • chrisdg74

    3 – Flawless Victory.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scarletwolf Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

    Number 16 is infuriating. Fucking teachers. I really hope they got that mark.

    • Dave J

      Scarlet…don't be that angry!

    • CaptainInsano

      It's real tough to be smarter than a 10 year old…..

  • Generino

    #3 FTW!!!

  • NilsD

    Actually, I think number 16 is in fact correct under the presumption that the pieces didn't have to be equal.
    If the pieces did have to be equal and the bord was a perfect square she would need two times ten minutes to cut the bord in three pieces on the 1/3 en 2/3 line.
    If the pieces don't have to be equal, then she can cut the perfect square bord from the top to the bottom at the 50% mark, taking ten minutes and then from the left to the right but only to the middle and not all the way, taking five minutes. So you come to a total of 15 minutes.
    Not enough information was provided in the question, so both should be correct.

    • DixonOrmus


    • ROK


    • bavic

      clearly written for grade schoolers. Thus the logic would be used over advanced algebra. If it takes 10 mins to do an act howl long will it take to do that act twice. 20 mins.
      The teacher clearly was just using a answer sheet and didnt even think about it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/greguire Gregory Nelson Courtney

      exactly, the fact you only need to make two cuts to make a board in to three pieces says that the teacher isn't much of a carpenter.

    • mike

      Obviously you did not see the picture that is right next to it. It's an image of a stick!

    • zyxxyz

      If it's a perfect square then it is not a board. By definition, a board is "of considerable length and breadth compared with the thickness." (dictionary.com)

  • stafferty

    #10 How much to fill up on red potion?

  • Bud Ugly

    Haha, #8 is advertising genius.

  • DixonOrmus

    WTF is marie doing with a saw in her hand? there are no saws in the kitchen. should be cutting sandwiches

    • turdfergusson


  • Fear_n_Loathing

    #29…."hey check out that tree, it fell ov…wait…there's a fkkn giraffe in your driveway!"

    • FLHomesteader


      Thanks for pointing that shit out, I had to scroll up really quick to take a second look!!!

  • fasterthanu

    #31 must be talking about his own corn hole, must be.

  • mipo2010

    8, I am going to start Smack it up flip it rub it down real estate…..OH no

  • Anonymous

    like bob marley said… “i don’t have education, I have inspiration…. if I was educated, I’d be a damned fool.”

  • http://www.transamsports.com trans am

    21, that is a sporting event I can get behind. Awesome hiring in getting that girl to be a camera woman.

  • Broadbem

    #3 is just all full of WIN!

  • http://www.facebook.com/greguire Gregory Nelson Courtney

    #10. "I'm sorry i can't accept rupies, and no we don't sell "potion" here

  • MPMoore

    #16 is a proud example of the quality of teaching in public schools in America.

  • HANK

    Awesome Giraffe

  • Jermaine

    16, the teacher is in fact correct.

    • Dan

      It took her 10 minutes to make one cut. In order to cut a board into 3 pieces it requires two cuts. If each cut takes 10 minutes, it will take her 20 minutes to make 2 cuts. Knawmean?

    • daffydm

      no they are not. to get 2 pieces, the person must cut once, which takes 10 minute. to get 3 pieces, they have to cut twice, which takes twice as long as one cut, meaning 20 minutes.

    • Ken

      The question is ambiguous unless there is a diagram of the boards and an indication of whether the cuts were of equal length.

      If you have a square board and cut in half, your second cut could be one half the length of the original and then that would be the 15 minutes the teacher is proposing. But the length of the second cut would have to be specified. As far as we know, both answers could be correct.

      • Nicnac

        There's a picture dude. It's a stick. The teacher is wrong. This was a test for kids. It doesn't require all this fancy finagling to make it correct.

        • Who cuts sticks

          No shit people let it go it's a fucking stick.

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