• femtrooper


  • Mike

    OMG!! Impressive.

  • Dan


  • NavyAdam

    Thank God her mom only told her not to RUN with knives….

  • Ben King

    So full of win!!

  • Another Anon

    She can ride my pole any time!

  • Gabriela Robyn Miranda

    holy shit, this is awesome!

  • Terry Burke

    soooooooo pole dancers are in amazing shape….. ftw man, thats insane

  • mikethecarpenter

    so thats not at all what i expected, it was better, the sheer physical ability that she show is amazing, i would buy her dinner just on principle, and the time to learn to swing that katana, yep she could show the girls round here a thing or three.

  • LKP

    who is she??

  • Mike

    That was about to be lame. UNTIL she started working the sword!

  • Bdrizzle

    I loled @ 1:17 when she did the "Come get some" finger gesture. This would have been one of the best videos ever if she would have been naked. =/ maybe next time!

  • Heber Coll

    Goddammit Chive, now I gotta clean all the jizz from my keyboard.

  • andy

    Better be nice and not talk to anyone else or she might cut you short =D

  • Piggy

    How cute, someone taught a stripper martial arts.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Maybe you should stop eating all the sour grapes, fatty.

  • Lyrex

    Since I struggle with a few plain chin-ups, I think it is safe to assume that she is in much better shape than me.

  • Jason

    …….this chick is baaaaaaaad aaaaaaaasssss!

  • Bob

    great thighs….

  • turdfergusson

    I kept hoping she would fall…… oh well.

  • Damein

    That is by far the most awesome thing i have ever seen anywhere done by anyone. I'd drop a months salary on this chick at a strip club. Who is she?

  • Henry Gibson

    It's like she was auditioning for Cirque du Soleil.

    …in my pants.

  • Duskrogue

    Call dibs, she is on my team

  • Virulent87

    I show her how to do that =)

  • MarkAssBuster

    the best part is when I noticed there are about 6 strip poles, fuckin 20 ft tall. This is a ninja pole-dancer training facility. Where can I find this lair… ???

  • Neo

    Very awesome. I'd like to know who she is as well. Can the chive find out who this magnificent woman is?

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