Rare unseen proofs and out-takes from Marilyn Monroe’s most famous photoshoot (47 photos)

  • Leo

    whats about that scar?

  • petwookiee

    I've officially watched too much porn. #32 really gave me the wrong idea…

    • Terry Roll

      But #27 didn't?

  • HardCore Mike

    Well she WAS the standard by which all women were judged for sucha long time. Young people probably don't and won't get that… I was never to crazy about her but back then she was a household name. No one knew of drug abuse etc etc… You gotta put yerself in the way-back machine to understand the appeal.

    • northerner

      Absolutely, HardCore Mike.

  • rawnoyz

    monroe is beautiful, iconic, but overrated. sorry.

  • rawnoyz

    audrey hepburn is far more beautiful, sexy and classy.. my wife put a frame up of her in the bathroom and everywhere i go she stares at me.. sometimes i stare back. HAHAHA

  • Dakota

    this is perfect – she's my idol!

  • Ken

    She was a pop culture phenomenon but I think she is a sad, tragic figure. A woman who was a pioneer in being an exploited mass marketed sex symbol who never seemed to take joy or benefit from her fame.

    You can see the wear and tear on her in the photos. She looks strung out.

    Even now, her images are up for people to either ogle or condemn. That was her life. And that is her legacy. Pretty sad.

  • equalizermax

    She needs a boob job

  • dragon72

    the scar is from a cholecystectomy, not an appendectomy.

  • MrWendal00

    id travel back in time to tap that.

    anyone got a flux capacitor handy?

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  • sanji

    she's hot! doesn't know her life story..but still. from her time, she is special.

  • Brah

    I was not expecting all the hate on Marilyn Monroe. She certainly wasn't the best actress of her time, I even cringed during parts of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. But she had a quality about her that I just like and makes me love her on film. I think that Marilyn Monroe is an iconic figure that's going to remain iconic for a long time to come, and she is still beautiful in these pictures.

  • hello

    not to burst anyone's bubble here, but she DID have plastic surgery- a nose job and possibly a chin reduction. you can def see the difference if you look at pictures when she was a teenager or just "Norma Jean". that being said, she was still amazingly beautiful, before & after the surgeries.

  • aleXTC


  • niice!

    bill clinton had monica and jfk had marilyn monroe.

  • ZeroCorpse

    These are all from her "blown-out on drugs" phase.

    She was beautiful in the beginning. Hollywood living made her look haggard.

  • berzerker85

    She reminds me of my grandma who is smoking hot.

  • Laura

    She was beautiful and a very talented actress. DiMaggio didn't kill her..another famous man did it, and we all know who he is…

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  • Lady

    Come on, guys. This is Marilyn Monroe. She was beautiful, and still is, in her time. In my own opinion, she was prettier than any women that would be considered "hot" or "sexy" by today's media. She wasn't sexy, she wasn't ugly. Seeing these pictures…It was refreshing, after having to look at all these women, out there, who have plastic surgery or all this crap done to them, just to look beautiful (which, by the way, isn't very beautiful…) Marilyn Monroe was a true woman.

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    […] Rare unseen proofs and out-takes from Marilyn Monroe’s most famous photoshoot (47 photos) […]

  • combattruckmonkey

    Almost as hot as Sophia Lauren. Ha, said it.

  • Sarah

    Why is her face reminding me of Britney Spears in these pics??????

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