Rare unseen proofs and out-takes from Marilyn Monroe’s most famous photoshoot (47 photos)

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  • Davo

    the standards were different then. Women could not simply replace body parts cosmetically. The standards for what constituted a perfectly proportioned woman was not a size 0 or size 1 stick figure as it is today. Back then we liked our women with lots of curves and a little meat on their bones.

    Marilyn just oozed sexuality during an era where we weren't bombarded with it 24/7. She was stunningly beautiful and embodied the myth of the 'attainable sex goddess'. No wonder so many powerful men courted her.

    She remains my favorite to this day.

  • Cass

    you ignorant guys need to grow up. Marilyn manroe is a real true woman, to even compare her to lindsey lohan is just idiotic. If anyone read anything ever about her you would know her saddness. She stood for what she believed in and lived her dreams, she was sad and troubled. But she still all these years later has a bigger name then anyone could imagine. Her beauty is real and will always be real. Shes not what todays society believes is beauty she was a size 0 she was a sice 10-12 and thats real. some of you saying she needs a boob job ect ect just digus me and men like you are the ones that make so many woman believe they are not beautiful because we dont fit the standards of a fake image. Marilyn is and always will be my idol.

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