Emo girls, as natural as a hammer to the head (26 photos)

These photos and more at skoften.

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  • shane

    i'd go to jail for #11

  • equalizermax

    Last picture are somewhat cute…

  • jim

    Did you know the word 'Emo' is nordic for 'Twat'.


  • http://twitter.com/xemosx @xemosx

    Some very beautiful emo / scene girls!

  • Josh daniels

    Wish i could date those girls but im under age

  • dave

    it basically looks like 28 pics of the same girl.

  • MichaelGS

    I'll take #25. tattoo'd chicks are freaks 😉

    • Savannah

      Not only tattoo’d chicks are freaks. (;

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1215440720 Bernardo Oliveira

    Yet, they (most of them) are freaking hot.

  • http://EmoGirls24 Emo GIRL

    Fuck it love to take all the Girls and fuck them all good

  • http://EmoGirls24 Emo GIRL

    Oh ye I Love to take 8 and 24 girls with me and take them on a date and have sex with them

  • hasaan

    Wow I would have #5 in a wheelchair when I’m done with her sexy ass lol she looks the best sorry 2 all the other ones

  • adventxero

    just goes to show that emo girls are just as vain as the preppy ones



  • no one and nothing

    emos… hmm

  • Anonymous

    Most emos are just pop-girls who want to have “a difirent” style byt they are not Them self!!!!

  • Carl

    What is wrong with All the People saying that nummer 5 is hot… Se is so Fail!!! (and ugly!!!)

  • William

    I agree emos are Fail they aren’t Them self but eachother!!! Its so Fail (plus emos Cut Them self of you Think you’re emo and you don’t Cut you self you are a ‘Goth’!!!!)

  • Lol

    Lol nr5 is so fucking ugly!!! I bet all nerds and geeks like that girl… She looks likes shes from a other planet

  • ross

    add me on facebook all emo girls – Ross Ace Chandler (tattooist) – single

  • http://Hotmail.com redffoo

    im free to date any emo girl

  • Boysurfhard

    #19 I'm in love!

  • Chris

    You know what? I am 35 now and I am happy about it because the ladys in my age don't need to be like this. Because they know who they are and where they stand in life. And that's what I like about them 🙂

  • BlackFire

    I wish i could find just one emo girl here in my contry 😦

  • Anonymous

    emo girl

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