Girl transforms herself into… Jared Leto (33 Photos)

There’s a video of this girl transforming into Jared Leto right here.

  • thomas

    i have to say it looks exactly like him

  • 3===D

    I LOVE my name in my mouth and ass!!

    • Justin

      that's great, kid, now get the fuck out of here and just enjoy living in your parent's basement

      • Mook

        You people need new 'burns' that basement crap doesn't work due to most of you 25-35 year olds living with the rents.

        • dave32891

          so i guess that includes you too?

  • dennis

    what does this say about Jared Leto?

    • Jordan Christopher Guieb

      who is jared leto?

      • bigcw

        im gonna guess 30 seconds to mars lead singer

        • ttmab7

          You are correct. He's also an actor. (Alexander, Requiem for a Dream, etc.)

          • urkidding

            uhh……fight club!

            he was the beautiful thing that was destroyed by ed norton.

  • Tyler Mars

    thats where he's been hiding……..

  • Cuda

    Talk about going from Hot to not! Girl, what have you doe to your sexy self?!?!

    • HellHath NoFury

      She went from Hot to Role-Playing Goddess.

  • Richard Fitzwell

    Missed it by minutes, was rubbing one out to "American Psycho"

  • Cuda


  • googboog

    can jared leto do the same thing in reverse?

  • stafferty

    its a trap

  • mewfacekilla

    whats did she use to give herself the 5 oclock shadow? would like to find one for halloween since i cant grow anything except a slight moustache and some vague chin hairs

    • Ruby

      so this is a youtube video….i think she used a toothbrush

      • bamajess

        you can also use what's called a 'stippling sponge' and brown creme make up. Good luck!

  • Sizzle

    Who the hell is Jared Leto?

    • BOBO

      My thoughts exactly

    • MigraineBoy

      That's a rather existential question, isn't it?

      • Joeyk

        I dont know what that means but hes the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, also an actor

    • ttmab7

      For God's sake, it's called wikipedia, people.

    • word up

      he's a really sick actor. watch lord of war. he is a shit musician thought that band thirty seconds to mars suck balls

    • HellHath NoFury

      Oh, I love when men are jealous. They're like, 'who is this loser', knowing full well you have all of 30 STM in your iPod and all of his DVDs in your entertainment center.

      • K94

        I listened to 30 Seconds to Mars once. Kinda sucked.

      • word up

        im not jealous he's an awesome actor and used to be a cool guy, till he started making really overemotional pretentious "rock" with really holier than thou videos

  • mattythegooch

    Ehhhh, I'm not too sure, she might a little too masculine to pull off a Leto. ( see, he's a tad on the soft side.)

    • turdfergusson

      ohhh. I almost didn't see what you did there.

  • yaright


  • Da Sandman


  • Ellis

    I'm sure that IS Jared showing his true identity. 10000% sure.

  • ronnie

    Wonder how she came up with that idea.. Lets see what I look like with facial-hair..

  • miniek

    that girl is hot!! before she makes a mess of herself of course

  • Kawz

    So, a girl turned herself into an uglier, more famous girl?

    Um, exciting.

  • dustin

    Or did Jared Leto transform himself into a girl and were just looking at the pics backwards? lol

    • blub

      i lol'd

  • kablam

    oddly scary
    @ girl who thinks she looks like emma watson: thats how you do it

  • Lowrey

    umm… that's kinda hot.

  • MrFFreeze


  • Bob

    She still looks almost hot in 33, except for the facial hair.

  • MPMoore

    Things like this is why I don't pick up chicks at bars.
    Chicks look like dudes, dudes look like chicks.
    I don't need that kind of surprise in my life.

  • jacob

    at 25 i screamed what the fuck at my computer

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