Photo of the Day: Cool Wife (2 Photos)

Tiffany bought her husband Mark this bad boy which is waiting for him when he gets home from Qatar. Mark is a petty officer in the navy assigned with 112th SIG (O)(A) from San Diego and he married one cool gal. Tiffany you rock.

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  • Jimmy

    Tiffany is awesome.

  • Logan

    Then very soon he will divorce her because he will find out that she cheated on him multiple times. I served in the Corps, seen it happen to many times.

  • 2010 firebird

    oh cool truck. enough done to it from stock to me it awesome but plenty of options for it and things to change. many upgrades. cool wife.

  • Anfhyrwant

    Wow, i never knew so many people have NO sense of humor! I was meerly making a quip at their mustaches. If you take everything so seriously, this probably isn’t the website for you.

  • Suresh

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