The Camera Van: Google Street View’s muse (9 photos)

Creator and owner, Harrod Blank, took two years to build the vehicle which puts the Google street-level vehicle in the shade. Assisted by colleague Dan Lohaus, he fitted over 1, 705 fully functional cameras - all accessed at the push of a dashboard button. The front grill of the van is covered with Polaroid cameras, whilst the passenger side has four 32-inch LCDs replicating negative frames. The rear has two LCDs that play a video, on loop, of waving kids and, on the driver's side, is a mural made from hundreds of Kodak Instamatic cameras. Berkeley, California resident, Blank is one of the pioneers of the annual car art parade at the Burning Man Festival and has made two films: Wild Wheels in 1992 and, it's 1998 follow-up, Driving The Dream. His penchant for fab four wheelers was exemplified recently when he was spotted in LA towing a Beetle resplendent with: guitars, trumpets, drums, keyboards and, even, CDs. Read more about Harrod's story and see his "Flash Suit" at his website.

  • Crystal

    I would not want to be walking past that thing wearing a skirt

  • The Dude

    Pedo Bear drives what

  • googboog

    A bit too flashy for me

  • showtownman

    Blank's old man's a helluva filmaker himself, actually. Google him; a wild ride.

  • Coldzilla

    Ok now set off all the flashes at ONCE 0_0

  • Dean

    And when it rains…..?

  • cpt

    still has that rapist van vibe to it

  • equalizermax

    Nice collection of Cameras

  • Marcos Haubert

    i bet he's never gotten a speeding ticket… ever notice how much of your eyesight you temporarily lose from one flash? imagine 1,705…. at the same time!

  • nainzheni
  • Terence

    Harrod's a pretty weird guy but not in a creepy way he also has a suit made of flashbulbs its very heavy. As my girlfriend can attest when she caught fire and Harrod tackled her!

  • no1mini

    i wonder if he's driving on the motorway and he takes a photo, people think he's going into hyperspace?

  • local info

    This is amazing creation of camera van and astonished us a lot. Placing such massive amount of fully functional cameras is very interesting. All cameras are are working well. So, nice to read about this innovation.

  • damilola


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