Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 Photos)

  • markus

    Thanks for that last one, Trace.

    • http://twitter.com/Justin_Speedo trollface.jpg

      katie perry looks like a thin rosie odonell … you idiots

  • joe

    I loved Topanga. My first lust was Love-Hewitt

    • R. Wiggum

      my first love when i was a kid was Barbra Walters.

    • Incredible Mr.Brisby

      dude remember that movie house arrest? Haha, not sure what's up with the pats logo in the corner but I like it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

      mine was the girl who played her sister on party of five and was later was in mean girls

      • Jen

        lacy chabert. also, gretchen weiners in mean girls.

  • Sauru

    for some reason it took me forever to get past the 2nd one

    • bigcw

      how do women get anything accomplished? there is just so much to look at!

  • Amazing

    Nice work Dave! But, does your husband know that you're out of the kitchen?

    • dave

      no, but that sandwich you made me last night was "amazing" haha fag

      • Martin

        comeback fail Dave, back to the kitchen now.

  • McBeastie

    O.k. first salvo…here we go….alright……..um…………………..derp?

  • Sauru

    #29 really pisses me off. ever see falling down? fully understand what he was saying in that movie

    • Ballzonya

      Goddamn breakfast should be served all day!

      • Random Crazy Person

        I guess Jack was the only one paying attention. Get your head out of your ass, Ronald and the King.

  • Niitsitapi13

    #9 try thousands of years

  • NotOverSummer

    #2 Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks 😉

  • turdfergusson

    Katy Peery? Jennifer Love Hewitt? Topenga?

    WTF? They all have big tits, but seriously, not that attractive.

    Maybe I'm the one who needs my eyes checked.

    • Clickawhat

      Eye exam or GTFO !

      • turdfergusson

        Maybe you should try looking North of the tits for once. It's not that great up there.

        • Big Los

          I like how you capitalized North. Either way, I'd be much more concerned about South of the tits, especially with Katy Perry, I bet its a train wreck down there. Can you vacuum seal a wang? Are those sealers FDA approved for an air tight seal on wang?

          • turdfergusson

            I like your run-on sentences, and your lack of apostrophes. You can't be a grammar Nazi unless you understand grammar.


            • dietroll

              You = Northern Turd

              • turdfergusson

                Hmmmmm. Well done?

        • XiiX

          I agree.

    • DixonOrmus

      maybe u need a penis check too. its not just the looks alone that make them sexy as hell. its what they do and how they do it and how, at times, they act.

      • turdfergusson

        While I appreciate your offer to check my penis, I'm going to have to decline.

        So you would rather listen to a Katy Peery album than watch her video on mute? You're a fan of Topenga's nasal voice? You are under the impression that Jennifer Love Hewitt is a good actress?

        Maybe you should concentrate on checking into your own penis for a change.

        • Bill

          It's not that they're the hottest girl in the internets, but many of us grew up fantasizing about boning them. It's more of a nostalgia thing. Ah, the memories…

          • turdfergusson

            Fair enough.

        • DixonOrmus

          wasnt replied to u dumbass. thanks for coming out tho. and my penis is just fine. in fact ur mother is on it right now

          • DixonOrmus

            lol nvm
            too many beers

            • turdfergusson


              Good, now I don't have to call my mom to make sure that she is not in fact sitting on your penis.

        • dietroll

          You excel at being trolled.

    • Wadafakyatakinabout

      It's ok you can tell us. Its because you like dudes right?

      • turdfergusson

        Well, slamming your dad in the ass wasn't so bad. It did help that your mom was there sucking off the dog.

        • Why Not?

          the Aristocrats!

          • turdfergusson


            Well played.

        • dietroll

          You sir, are officially gay.

          • turdfergusson

            I guess you would be the one to make that call.

    • LukasS

      I like how this guy just comments negatively on posts in order to start arguments with random people. You have probably been checking back on this page every 5 minutes for the past hour to see if you got a little bit more attention. To see if in fact you got any new online friends!!

      And I always had a crush on JLH, starting with Sister Act 2.

      • turdfergusson

        Actually I get an email when people respond, it has nothing to do with 'internet friends'. I find it amusing that not thinking certain people are attractive makes you so hated on the internet. Just because you have a boner for some dumb chick you will never meet, the rest of the world has to fall on their knees and get all gaga because you do. I make all kinds of positive posts, I just am baffled by the idea that Topanga is considered this hot. JLH is a pea brained floozy, and without her tits, she would be a nobody. Oddly, I bet you would still have no shot.

        Also, Sister Act 2 sucked. If you want to defend that movie, you are a bigger retard than you come across now.

        • dietroll

          You look worse than Borat.

          • turdfergusson

            That makes a lot of sense. What a witty and intelligent person you are……

    • fasterthanu

      Maybe you're right, but still my love for titties will never die.

      • turdfergusson

        I respect a man with priorities.

    • kigero

      in all fairness i had a bit of a thing for love hewitt and topenga growing up and i think is nice they grew up to be fit as hell is nice to know (now if someone can stump up the cash for a jennifer love hewitt/ lacey chabert playboy photo shoot then i can die a happy man)

      • turdfergusson

        Hey, I'm not a really a fan, but I would still check that photo shoot out.

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      Maybe you should finally come to terms with your homosexuality?

      • Jen


      • turdfergusson

        Why, you looking for a date?

    • GMO

      Even if that were true, which is very much in debate as you can clearly see, the bodies of these women are simply amazing. It's hard to take time away from the body long enough to notice the face. That all being said, none of them are butter faces. They are all very hot women. Leading me to believe you may enjoy fingers in your turd cutter or perhaps sleepovers at Richard Simmon's place in the summer. I'm sure it's summer because I know his shorts are probably all that you have reason to get out of bed for on most days. Unless your father is still buttering up the ole dildo he used to wake you up for school with.

      • turdfergusson

        So close. You had me with your reasonable response, but then in true Freud fashion, you started dreaming about homosexual activities, becoming aroused as you pretend someone else likes it. Way to go. Maybe you wouldn't be such a dick if you just let yourself go and sucked one.

        • GMO

          I'm fairly certain I would be a dick regardless of my sexual orientation choices. Fortunately for me being an educated and well spoken dick is usually enough to quiet the critics. Obviously in your case I have been out-witted and shall simply have to go home and take it out on my hot wife's pussy. I could probably go ahead and write your response now as your posts in general are as predictable as an episode of the Dukes of Hazzard or the A-Team. Both entertaining shows but not exactly meant to stimulate the mind. Besides winning a war of words with someone who is paying half attention to you most likely sustains what meager amounts of social interaction you receive on a daily basis. Congratulations on absolutely being the supreme ruler of retarded posters and enjoy the kiddie porn you are surely downloading on another tab in your browser.

          • turdfergusson

            Well I wish you had written my response and saved me the time. You've shown your hand with one simple childish phrase "take it out on my hot wife's pussy". Clearly a fantasy, something you picked up in a hustler, or some other media you consider a real relationship. I realize in your undereducated feeble little mind you sound smart, but it doesn't really translate.

            Don't forget, this is all over a post questioning the hotness of Topenga (another of your fantasy girlfriends).

          • Oarin'

            So you admit he is winning this war of words?

  • Jaf

    I would like to know where #4 is

    • skeet

      it's in the middle of a hotel in Berlin…

  • Kyle

    I call BS on #29. I have never seen a Taco Bell crunchy taco look like that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

    #31, the rides at the pumpkin patch sure have changed

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    The Whores – move out of your dorm……I've got plenty of room.

  • Big Los

    #30 made me laugh my ass off.

  • Big Los

    PS. To the whores, you should give Liz one last jab…I'm pretty sure I don't look like any of your boyfriends…

  • Polemiki

    ok i dont get #3

    • Jenny

      me neither. so you aren't the only one. and I feel less stupid since I'm not the only one

      • Bill

        It looks like Adolf Hitler. He was called Mein Fuhrer.

        • turdfergusson

          yeah, i still don't see it

          • Brah

            The black top looks like hair parted to the side, like Hitler's. And the barcode looks like his little 'stache, although vertical.

            • turdfergusson

              Got it


              • Polemiki

                ok that's pretty figurative

              • Bill

                Nice avatar, by the way. Great movie.

                • 2857

                  how very abstract – that took way to much work

    • Behemoth

      it's like a magic eye, blur ur vision a bit it looks like hitler

  • JSeries

    Pabst Blue Robot, The metal shaving cut my throat.

  • ryan white

    isn't it so disheartening when you see a pic like #2 and say "damn, I gotta see me more of that…"

    so you right click and gently scroll down "TinEye"

    and with so much glory and anticipation you click on that majestic button in hopes that there may be more photos to view of those glorious breast

    and yet

    you see that tab pop up with "0 results"

    and your heart sinks a little

    • turdfergusson

      That's because the chive changes the names of their photos. Tineye doesn't work.

      Totally weak

      • ryan white

        TinEye doesn't work on the name of the photo, it recognizes the photo itself. That's why TinEye works on several photos the chive posts. Might help for you to read how they operate

      • ryan white

        For instance, TinEye #6 and you should get about 26 results. it's alright, no one's perfect.

        • turdfergusson

          Well I guess I'm wrong.

          Thanks for being a total dick about it though

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=545403343 Ryan White

            just call me alex trebek

            • Oarin'


  • Some Body

    nice view from #2

    • P-90


  • Skedaddle

    31- yeah, that's where I wanna buy my "pump"kin…..

    katie: tyvm<3

  • HardCore Mike

    #21 – It's ok to be whores… at least from my point of view… but if yer gonna be messy, sloppy, don't clean up after yourself whores…. SHAME SHAME SHAME on you!

  • thetech2

    Russel Brand is a fag the press they get is awesome for the both of them but a match made in heaven I think not unless she really is an airhead <<<<<ya think

  • http://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

    #21 – I call BS. If I had to choose, I'm going to have to side with the roommate that wrote on the board. All of that sounds fine except for the part about cheating on the boyfriend … that shit is LAME.

    • sanjay


    • Crystal

      Yep I'm totally on the side of the girl who wrote on the board

      • Creeed Braton

        i know! so she was uptight, sure that sucks, but it sounds like the whores were jerks. and messy…. yuck…

    • pobb

      I totally agree with the girl who wrote on the board too. Why would you have a boyfriend if you are going to slut around anyway? Either be a whore or have a boyfriend, pretty simple. You have the right to be a whore if you want, but when it affects others then it's just wrong.

      • not the above pussys

        Wow, you guys must have had fun in college. I side with the whores because whores arent bitching while the blow you, if she had a boyfriend he was a puss because she's blowing me now, whores are messy because theyre being whores and having sex which is better then being a bitch and bitching instead of having sex and the best reason to side with whores is because they are whores and they will fuck you. You guys side witht he bitch, ill fuck her roommates.

  • num9090

    2 adds a splash to a PoV

  • xyphermx

    #29 in Mexico are worse, fortunately we have real tacos 😉

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