Ever wanted a pet Kangaroo? (15 Photos)

Meet Beemer, an Australian kangaroo. His best friend is a cat, he plays rugby, and his favorite meal is toast with salad. Beemer is completely housebroken and 'surprisingly intelligent for a kangaroo' according to his owner.

  • Bonez

    Looks like a Gemini to me, car wise.

    No that's cider he's drinking not a beer, looks to be Strongbow.

    • Wayne

      That would be a Toyota Corona RT104 of about 1980 vintage.
      I wanna see roo go nuts inside the car.
      Fitting end to a 1980 Toyota Corona.
      Please send pix when he does.

  • Jason

    Beemer would not be playing rugby which is a somewhat silly sport but Aussie Rules which is what Australians do for fun and to pound on each other. Google it?

  • Anonymous

    he is a red, reds are bastards. Southern Greys all the way. R.I.P. Skipp.

  • Alastair

    anyone else notice the syringe on the coffee table?

  • Nick

    anyone else notice what shes touching on #14 with her left hand?

  • Peter


  • sam

    i want one!

  • andrew

    thanks for setting the australian stereotype back 20 years. LoL.

  • Wayne

    Ever seen what a roo does to the inside of a car, once it's gone through the windscreen?
    Being a Western Red, when joey's had enough of being held down and tickled, the woman will be mince.
    Please post pix of that.

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