Mystery ‘Guitar Girl’ revealed. Meet Erin Willett (30 Photos)

  • mipo2010

    The bar for Sexy Chiver's has just been raised!!!

    • Terry Burke… she was starring us in the face the whole time! the above link is to the 1st pic on last weeks sexy chivers

    • Stone

      The bar was quite possibly raised but she seems like she is more high maintenance then a salt water fish tank

      • Coldzilla

        You can tell that from Pics?


    • Michael Bluth

      Yes, but I see that the bar for the refrigerator has been lowered.

    • MPMoore

      That ain't the only thing that's been raised…

    • yepANDnope

      Great job Chivers. You talk trash about people like Kim Kardasian, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan, but THE FIRST CHANCE YOU GET you proceed to CREATE another (low budget) version of them by giving this OBVIOUS ATTENTION WHORE all of this UNDESERVED attention and praise? lol. Shes a "cute" chick, but thats just about the scope of it. Nothing to fap over.

      -Cardboard ass
      -Lowrate Katherine Heigl
      -needs to actually eat about 40 of those burgers shes POSING with.

      All in all id still hit it, but thats not really saying much because im a man and like most men, i would probably hit a flesh stick too.

      • Fap for free


  • mark

    Don't know about you guys but the idea of a smoking hot blonde who only plays guitar naked is about the sexiest thing I've ever seen/heard of

    • Viper

      Damn right! She's hot, gets naked, plays guitar and she's a yankees fan. Perfect!

  • Josh

    Nice work Chive

    • yep

      Man. The Chive would be so much more awesome if it wasn't for all of you dickless virgins acting like this chick is so much hotter than she ACTUALLY is? Guess it was the build up? I dunno? Oh well. Shes cute anyway.

      • Mojo Filter

        Thank you. Appeariantely here in Bizarro Land, tripping over yourself for(the picture of) a half-naked chick means you're the antithesis of a sexually repressed basement dweller. LOL WUT?

        • spell check

          Apparently, you can't spell.

          See what I did there?

  • The Pradz

    I'm walking out of class, Fuck poli-Sci lecture. im spending my afternoon with guitar girl.

  • Kyle

    i have class at 6:30, i don't think i'm gonna make it tonight. 🙂

  • donald

    I suspected she cropped off her head b/c she was ugly. That turned out not to be the case

  • Gonzo

    Nice! Love the Giants and this little hottie! Thank you for NOT posting that skank Reby Sky!

  • hypoluxa

    ok . . . so I'll be a Giants fan for a week.

  • randomdreamr

    I'd like to sign up for guitar lessons, naked.

  • nemesis


  • John

    Boring. Semi naked pic of girl on internet, how original. Shes pretty I grant you, but certainly not worth all this hype about seeing her face.

    (Sorta like the hype around the "actress" who quit her job with the white board slide show, that wasnt even funny to begin with!)

    • Chivers

      Shut up John, you're not welcome here.


      • eric c

        i agree, shes a attractive girl, but maybe some of us feel there were others chivers that day more deserving of their own posts. just my personal opinion, which we're entitled to…unless you're a commi and if so, too bad! im from 'merica beyooootchhhhhh jk i love all even you commi bastards 😀

    • Erik von Markovik

      Thank you for granting us she is pretty but you are certainly an ungreatful douche.

      • turdfergusson

        Maybe he is just pointing out that this girl was a little oversold. They have been building up to this for a while, but then it went fleh.

        Also, the HPOA wasn't that H of a POA.

        Commence your down-thumbing.

    • don a.

      First, the whiteboard hoax was ranked the #1 internet hoax of all time by a magazine called TIME. so you might not have liked it, but i'd say it worked. Second, please send photos of your girlfriend. She must be fucking amazing.

      • tazz

        Amen send pics!!!!!!!!!! And please make sure she is fully inflated, that wrinkled look tends to turn me off.

        • Dave

          AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that shit was funny

    • John's Penis

      Sorry guys, I'm so small and haven't been used in…well, ever. My boss has to hate on hot chicks to make himself feel better about not getting laid.

    • Michał Smyła

      Sorry, I must have missed a part of the conversation: who exactly forced you into visiting this gallery?

    • Edge

      alright lets stop feeding the troll… move along folks nothing to see here

    • IREWAY

      I actually agree with John. Seriously, was expecting a much hotter girl than this. She is pretty, dont get me wrong…but nothing to googoo ga ga over. I see hotter chicks walking the streets of ASU. Pic 3 and 4 pretty much says it all…not as naturally hot as many girls I even hang with.
      Plus…you are guna have to have some really damn good friends to take not 1, but 5 for the team!! Her friends are poopoo caca. Would def bang her…but looks like a stage 5 clinger

      • John

        Always fun watching people rise in defence of some random chick, she submitted these pics in the knowledge some people wont like them, I just so happen to be one of those people and I chose to voice that. As someone else said there were far hotter girls in the sexy chiver post that were sooo much more worthy of a segment to themselves but she shows a little more ass and suddenly shes the hottest girl online? This is the internet, shes just another random naked chick on it. Grain of sand, meet the fucking ocean!

        • turdfergusson


        • CaptainInsano

          You're a smart dude and all.. but uh, just enjoy the hot girl in skanky pics, whaddya say buddy? Wanna do that?

        • Baldy

          Dear John,

          Either enjoy the chive or dont.. but if you dont, quit ruining it for me.. I like this place and your killing the fun.. dink.


    • eric c

      lets have her play the drums naked, that might impress us more ;p

    • Mason

      Come on people, She's cute, but this was WAY over hyped. Did i enjoy myself viewing these photo's? Yes… Did she live up to the hype chive made her out to be? fuck no. Come on people, lets not celebrate this, let the chive we demand a katy perry like body when they hype up a gallery next time. Not some photos that have been clearly taken off their own facebook page. And yes, the HPOA really wasnt that funny, but she was definitely a HPOA.

    • mason

      Oh yeah, and the Yankees jersey is for sure a boner kill.

    • Matt

      John you are so correct in your statements. I think a lot of these pathetic chivers think that if they defend this stupid cunt (who is probably a 7-7.5 on the hot scale) that she will find their address and suck their dicks for defending her beauty. the truth is from the hype that this cunt (who looks like she is pretty full of herself and this internet exposure isn't gonna help) I was expecting a gallery that would give all chivers an instant hard on. the worst of it all….she's a yankee fan….I think my dick just sucked itself inside my body cavity from how ugly that is. next time we dedicate a gallery to some chick Chive…it better be someone worthy of it…unless this guitar chick suffering from a brain tumor and you are doing her some kind charity…then i understand.

      • funnystuff



    • Maynard B

      Well I guess someone pissed in John's corn flakes this morning. Erin, I happen to think you're probably the most beautiful young woman I've ever seen on this site (or anywhere else.) And I have to say, that picture of you in the "wife beater" and leg warmers struck a nerve with me. Thanks for sharing and feel free to submit more pics.

    • A Bit Too Happy


  • Jimmy

    well..that..that's just awesome. xD

  • Nec

    #16 is the best… spontaneous orgasm…

    • P Diddy


  • P Diddily

    For once I thought I had
    A chance to be the one to comment before others
    It seems I took too long and I
    Let others beat me to it.

  • El BrandO

    Not really a fan of white women, but this is a win.

    • Bad News

      i got a call to be here for you

  • MigraineBoy

    Oh yeah! Sweeter than honey!

  • Baron Von Douche

    I hate who ever invented : shower curtains, yankees jerseys (or the yankees ingeneral), giants jerseys (or the giants in general) and little peices of paper that say the chive. Mad respect for the chive, its just that you are always covering up the goods

  • ROK

    chive wins the internets. again.

  • Logan

    I bet her parents are proud!

    • Her parents

      We are, we've got great genetics

    • Coldzilla

      Awwwwwwwwwwww someones puritanical sensibilities have been dented.

      Considering The Chive posts a lot of these pics I have to ask the question; WHY are you even here?

      Ahhhhhhhhhh a closet spanker. LOL NOW I get it

  • Cqcumber

    good job chive, shes really cute~!

  • Ben

    Attractive? Yes. Mild meltingly hot? No

    • xout

      ben affleck, right?

    • ROR

      Is Ben queer? Yes. So he never get's laid? No

  • Marcelo Muñoz

    like a hotter jessica alba

    • IREWAY

      You have lost your damn mind good sir! Please let me have whatev it is you are smoking!!!

    • johndory

      NEVER compare the two again

    • GMO

      What the fuck are you talking about? She is equivalent to a hooters girl. Alba is a fucking goddess. By the beard of Zeus sir, please tell me you have detached retinas or some other funny ass eye disease. What a class A douche.

    • yepANDnope

      Congratulations! You're a moron.

  • Dre

    would i hit? absolutely! hottest chiver ever? not by a long shot

  • stafferty

    She really has that cute girl-next-door thing going on. (I will excuse the borderline baggette pic in 12 because she still looks cute or hot in all the others)

    • markkens

      #12…how duckface should be done.

  • Stlrzfan

    She very much resembles Kathrine Heigl.

    • wgwhodat


    • Jon


    • Motte

      I've been thinking the same thing,

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