Mystery ‘Guitar Girl’ revealed. Meet Erin Willett (30 Photos)

  • yo yo yo

    yep… she's a hottie… like that Katherine Heigl girl. nice.

  • bbbutter

    I ❤ guitar girl/Erin!

  • Government Employee

    What are the chances of getting a full body shot of # 25??
    Tall. Tight. What a hot POA!

  • equalizermax

    Good work chive

  • matt

    fuck i wish i had a chance..

  • andrea

    im a girl, straight…but i really like her belly, its so cute in the last pic

  • Dre

    for once can we get a chick in here with some ass!!??

    • turdfergusson


    • SirMixALot


  • Rick

    She's hott too bad she's a NY fan no one's perfect tho. Id hit it.

  • Chris

    if she really plays guitar/paints/ and is a yankee fan….dream girl right here!

  • rdtripz

    Is she single?! Do I care?!

  • Skedaddle

    come visit the west coast……

  • FBI

    ohh look shes blonde (not really) and has a navel ring, how original! what a free spirit, she must be a beast in the sack (dead fish)

  • mattythegooch

    Looking Good Erin, sorry for suspecting I was getting scammed yesterday and questioning if it was actually going to be a dude.

    Head west Lil' Lady!!

  • Scott

    Perfect reason to leave the current wify…..

    • turdfergusson


      That's fucked up.

  • Booya

    Kind of anticlimatic for me…plus other than forming a C chord I'm still wondering what else she can play?

    • tim

      doubting she would own two guitars if she couldn't play..

      • Booya

        I know people that own 10 and can't play. I have also known many people that had one or two and said they "play" but yet they couldn't play one lick hardly much less an entire song.

  • Erik von Markovik

    who defends ones self with awww shucks? …still a douche.

  • hrnghlbrap

    Yeah guys, don't you understand John has standards you lowly souls can't possibly comprehend? He's keeping it real by letting everyone know he disapproves of some web content he could have just as easily avoided. He clicked and complained when he could have just moved on with his life, and that's what makes him better than you.

    • eric c

      curious but… are you doing the same thing towards john's post? just a tad bit more sarcastic and in subliminal way? i kid i kid, do your thing my dude, im just bored at work trying to play devils advocate

      • CaptainInsano

        Devil's Advocate isn't as effective when you adverstise

  • jacob

    marry me, the ring is in the mail

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    And she is a liar. she is clearly playing a guitar in a bra in picture 11. LIAR!

  • Miguel Ortega

    #25 ❤

  • Losifer

    Wow, she's hot, plays guitar, and likes the Chive? I feel like im in some sort of amazing bizarro land where hot girls are also nerdy and cool!

    • yepANDnope

      "nerdy and cool" is an oxymoron.

      *waits for obvious corny "moron" joke.

  • Anti-duck-a-saurus

    Finally, a chick featured on The Chive without a single pic of her in a douchey duckface pose!! (mind you there was the one of her bagette friend duckin' it…so close)
    Bottom line…
    Yup, very cute. Sold. I'll take two.

  • wgwhodat

    Are her friends really ugly, or do they just look terrible next to her?

    • zym


      (can't shake the feeling we're just looking at her facebook page, though)

  • Virulent87

    sexy one

  • Fapper


    • FapperX

      The views expressed by Fapper are his own and do not represent the views and opinions of the original FapperX. Alone, this chick is possibly fap material but the pics (#15 & #24) of her standing next to that herd were instant boner-kill!!

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