Mystery ‘Guitar Girl’ revealed. Meet Erin Willett (30 Photos)

  • Colby Clark

    wow. great post.

  • Anonymous

    i made a mess all over my keyboard

  • MeisterMon

    En fuego… If she is the girl next door, I've gotta find that door next!!!

  • Paz

    What the hell is on her right foot?

    • Your mom

      Tattoo of a sparrow.

      • Dave

        love the foot tats on sexy girls!

  • Losifer

    haters gonna hate

  • McCaffrey

    she's hot, would be hotter in a red sox or patriots jersey

    • turdfergusson


  • Brad

    not jessica alba, she's a hotter and not as depressing Katherine Heigl…

  • dubGA

    B. E. A. uuuutiful

  • Kyle

    Very pretty girl. I'm getting a nice Scarlett Johansen vibe from #25.

    Great range of cute pictures too.

    I could go for a LotR marathon right now…

  • Cad


    very cute girl.

  • Stone

    I would love to sexually disappoint her in every way possible!!! I mean really let her down

  • Brian Alfonso

    I think I'm in love…XD

  • Issues?

    It is funny how some of you claim you know and understand this girl and everything that encompasses her in just a handful of pictures.

    • Smead

      Its funny how we all hate your stupid comment. go away

  • Alex

    I wish i could be a guitar…

  • Hey

    Anyone else disappointed?

  • schwim

    The downside to the digital age is that people never run out of film.

    You've posted enough pictures. You're hot. Everyone has said so. Now please stop taking up the valuable animated gif space.

  • DarthLOL

    Adorable! Is she legal?

  • Losifer

    you're a douche

  • Nate

    9.99 out of 10. I had to give a .01 deduction for what appears to be both Yankees and Giants jerseys. Thanks for being beautiful!!!!

  • Wowified

    Thanks for such a quality post.
    She is truly an anti-bimbo, genuine, natural, as-beautiful-inside-as-out woman. Her spectrum of qualities & attributes is densely packed.
    Have a good day Chiveronis!

    • turdfergusson

      How can you tell all that from some pictures? You know she isn't going to read this and fall in love with you, you can stop kissing her ass.


  • Jake

    She's a hot Katherine Heigl

  • Can Öktem

    Attention whore.


  • Yuzaki

    She's so pretty !
    And the guitar pic is definitely one of the hottest pics i've ever seen 😉

  • Mick

    Katherine Heigel look alike.

    • J P

      Yup sho does…. F the Ginas though.. for real!!!

  • Todd A Lehman

    Shit I live in Philly, yes please if she's single. The video game playing put her over the 10 scale!!!

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