Mystery ‘Guitar Girl’ revealed. Meet Erin Willett (30 Photos)

  • mipo2010

    Chivette of the week!!! Can it be true!!! Ladies, Halloween themes please

  • Ivan opinion

    What a stunner!!

  • RGH

    Thank you Miss. Willett. You are absolutely stunning.

    And thank you Chive for tracking her down!

  • Jon

    She had me up until that shot in the Yankees jersey. May as well post that picture on Failblog.

  • sanjay

    she's hot! but the shower pic was a turn off for me..still i'd hit her! naked on a guitar and all.

  • pip

    Just plain freaking awesome!

  • BJK

    this is the best thing i have ever seen on this site…gorgeous

  • dean

    "I'm a huge nerd that can play video games for hours on end and watch the entire LOTR trilogy (extended version only) straight through."

    Wow, I haven't seen this level of pandering since hearing excerpts from Olivia Munn's book. Jesus Christ. Reads like those fake nudie mag write ups, just for a nerd stereotype.

    • Your mom

      Actually, I know her. She is a total tard like that bah hahaha

  • Why Not?

    oh Erin… NOM NOM NOM!!

  • markkens

    Should be edged in whipped cream and slowly nibbled

  • Viking

    Pretty little thing.

  • cpt

    can we get you and your friend on the right from #23 to pose for another spread? please?

  • jacobo

    SHE IS A YANKEE ❤ I'm inlove

  • Dakota

    i called her being a butterface

  • Steve

    Just an average looking girl with a hot body… She's cute not hot…

  • Maynard B.

    Obviously John has a line of hot pussy waiting at the front door. Probably a pedophile or some other registered sex offender.

  • steven scott

    One of a higher beings best creations as far as im considered.

  • Ryan Fox

    Yeah, she is like a hotter and more real Jessica Alba!

  • Stupendous

    She is so FULL OF WIN!!!!

  • esteban

    anyone else notice every picture of her holding the guitar its the exact same chord haha Cmaj… just saying

  • Bryan the Jesus

    i add it her on facebook 😀

  • tag

    Yeah, Jersey!

  • pookie

    #19 was my favorite

  • bloradius

    Butterfaaaace… at least she takes sluttly pictures for our enjoyment. Ho.

  • Darren

    Must… not… fap…

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