Mystery ‘Guitar Girl’ revealed. Meet Erin Willett (30 Photos)

  • bob


  • Marcos Haubert

    why…. hello erin 🙂

  • Robby Giovanetti

    Butterface. but not sayin i wouldn't!

  • yawn

    wow. the answer to a question nobody asked. yawn

  • aosux

    I'm gunna buy this chick a harmonica for christmas!

  • spaceboi

    is it me or does she make all her friends look like 1's?

  • Floopa Joopa

    She plays a nice C chord.

  • someone


  • andipoo magoo

    She's very cute, but apparently only knows one chord on the guitar. Impressive?

  • Tex

    She's a Yankees fan? That just ruined it…

  • Jack

    that was rather disappointing…. thought she would be really hot, guess not

  • Double "D" is Me

    Dang Erin that is Hot. I think my favorite are 15 and 27 DAMN I wish I lived closer.

  • F-oo

    I like the 9th picture. it's adorable. Also, "Oh wow! It's Jessica Alba's sister!"

  • jbd

    her friends are fugly

  • bloradius

    "Oh look at me! Take more pictures of me! I need attention so I dress like a ho with my ugly friends and put pictures on the internet so lonely dudes will jerk off to me, and I like it because I have daddy issues!" Attention whore… stop feeding the attention whore with your compliments, she just wants your approval because she knows she's a butterface.


    In the words of Ace Ventura:

    B E A utiful!

  • Dan

    Awesome body, pitty about the average face.

  • XkwizitOne

    She's so hot, cute, adorable, and I'd hit through the cycle… heigl and shakira on her, tall spinner… woot!

  • Htownpunk

    I hate birds…….

  • djp1777

    Chive is sounding more and more desperate. It's getting creepy… also stop using the same photos over and over…. it sucks

  • kcooper30

    Too bad she's dumb as a box of rocks.

  • ank

    She's really cute. 🙂

  • Giles

    Erin is very pretty.

    Can only imagine the haters have never had an attractive girlfriend, if at all.

    • bloradius

      …or they have better looking girlfriends. Not everyone on these interwebs is a loser. I mean you posted here too… and you're not a loser, right? I'm serious. She has a killer body but her face looks like a dude I work with, it's goofy to say the least. Some of my comments have been harsh but the truth is I suppose I just wouldn't want my 21 year old daughter posting provocative photos all over the internet. That stuff is there forever now. And believe me, employers google you… I just find desperate cries for attention a turn off.

  • Chewbacca

    This is going to sound strange, but I'm not really into her because the name Erin is a HUGE turn-off for me.
    There's a reason, trust me.

    • funnystuff

      maybe the most useless comment….. ever

  • Shoalmate

    yup… there is a God. and he luuuuurves chicks who play guitar…. nekked! 😀

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