Mystery ‘Guitar Girl’ revealed. Meet Erin Willett (30 Photos)

  • Suptacular

    her in nothing but giants and yankees jersey, i've met my wife

  • Kim Kardashian__

    wow nice pose 😀

  • bad_kitty

    i wish i lived next door to this cutiepie

  • dknypg83

    cool!! i've met her before… in another chive page… 🙂

  • Heavy Q

    Goddamn I think I am in love. New Jersey actually has something worth seeing now.

  • Michael Karidoyanes

    I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan, and I didn't care that I saw her in pin-strips. Erin I got a question for you. If I get a yankees tatoo will you let me take you out to dinner? That way if the date sucks we both have something to regret for the rest of our lives.

  • David

    Sexy, adorable, beautiful……do want

  • heo

    she looks like katherine heigl

  • jdp

    Lives in NJ – Giant and Yankees jersey…she is the total package

  • baldandsexy

    #12 – your best photo… I'd invite you to a threesome with my wife and I!

  • kbot

    most beautiful girl in the world, pity that I will never meet her personally 😦

  • Shawn

    Thank You Erin you are beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Take it off

  • Always Last


  • Ned_Plimpton

    Only plays naked?

    Somebody get her a harmonica!

  • Know's Better

    Saw her at Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach a few weeks ago. Was with the wife so I didn't mention it or get a pic.

  • Andy

    Def the hottest ever in my book. This one doesn't look completely uneducated, which is important to people who aren't completely uneducated.

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