Somebody’s about to get pwned (17 GIFS)

  • Wadafakyatakinabout


    • Murat

      Awesome video .. thank you to All the service MEN and WOMEN pritnctoeg our country all around the world YOU guys are true HERO !!! KCCO

  • Rape Wilson

    (Last GIF) Omega Shark vs. Giant Octpus. Featuring Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas. EPIC…..FAIL

  • Eduard

    #12 is from Multimedios Television Lucha Libre from México!!!! YEAH!

  • Ken

    Can I get the guided missile launcher installed in my car? It would come in handy.

  • me2

    9 They see me rollin'
    15 Catfight!

  • Thom Stokman

    #9 made me laugh

  • Faraz

    Uh the Spartans taking a bath psoetr is actually a painted rendition of the torture of one of the gurus of the sikh religion. The muguls boiled him alive trying to convert him to Islam but he refused and died for the cause while being boiled alive not a Spartan bath. Kind of offensive really

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