The Real Weather Girls: hands down the best weather App (15 photos + vid)

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Real Weather Girls is the first mobile application to offer daily original video content. It is available on Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (Android App coming soon!). A brand new weather app, buyers will get up-to-the-minute local, national, and international weather updates, radar maps, and the seven day forecast, along with original daily video content which follows the lives of 12 women in 12 cities around the globe. Users have the option to follow any and all of the Weather Girls of their choosing. Think of it as the first mobile reality show.

In addition to providing original daily content, the Girls will engage viewers in an ongoing dialogue. Buyers are encouraged to leave comments for the Girls which they can react to on their videos, thus allowing the Girls and users to directly influence one another’s lives. Girls will also give inside information about the best places to see, eat, and do in their respective cities. The App is tantamount to having a mobile global personal concierge service. The App is a one-time fee of $2.99 and I just bought it and kicked the tires. It seriously rocks. I can't wait till Colby comes over to theCHIVE's offices for an exclusive weather report in Venice Beach!

Buy the App HERE

Check out to learn more about your Girl.

Buy the App HERE

Check out to learn more about your Girl.

  • AussieTexan

    So by saying 'around the globe'  y'all mean 11 US cities and London. I can live with that.

  • js91

    uhm, why bother with anyother type of weather girl, i hate to fall back on a 4chan phrase but, tits or gtfo.

    • mipo2010

      4chan called…they miss their idiot

    • dece

      on the one hand, i personally can agree completely with this simple assessment. if you're offering a girl, offer all she's got. i'm not looking to know who she is or what her interests are. this isn't a date and my time spent learning about her will amount to absolutely nothing valuable to me.

      on the other hand, i know some (reality-show watchers possibly making up a majority?) find it interesting to connect with someone else or possibly serve to help validate their own lives and choices by following another's (and comparing or taking suggestions). and i suppose maybe for other reasons i can neither identify with nor understand.

      others still will take any opportunity to fawn over someone unattainable.

  • Pete Jones

    Forecast calls for rolling brown outs.

    • miss beezy pleezy


  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Camilla = Nice.

    There, I said it.

    • Wavien

      AnyoneForCoffee = Right.

      There, I said it.


  • johndory

    camilla ftw

  • Jake

    Wrong topic!!!

    But the " Brazzers BYPASS LOGIN (HACK) -porn " works GREAT 😀 😀 😀

  • chrisdg74

    Can a brotha get an Android App?

    • mipo2010


      • Chantal Erasmus

        I hear the new iTouch is awesome 😉

        But who knows… Android apps may be in your future 🙂

  • mipo2010

    Where is the Android love??

  • tommybhoy

    3-Camilla…love that cheeky smile

  • Stone

    Hey is HHNF knocked up??

    • Beau_INAF

      No, that was your mom's pee test. Turns out the father is an entire little league football team. At least you're going to have an athletic brother now to make up for your lack of any type of physical abilities.

      • Stone

        I was just asking a question. I meant no harm to the furious one. A fellow Chiver at work said something about it that is all.

        PS: Please take your meds before replying, you went on a little tear up there

        • turdfergusson

          Beau gets a little testy when it comes to HHNF.

    • Kramer

      If by knocked up, you mean ate too many breakfast burritos, then yes, HHNF is knocked up.

      • HellHath NoFury

        You may be right.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Nooooo. the government made sure to fix that last time I bred.

  • stafferty

    I'm lucky, I can pick either NYC or Boston. Judging by these pics, I'm getting my weather from Bean town, but I will keep all my NY sports teams. (Even the Knicks, and I'm accepting sympathy cards)

    • Chantal Erasmus

      Aww thanks! I'll try not to disappoint and I know Jordan won't either 🙂 Please comment on the videos you like so I can make more of them!

  • king

    who's your favorite weather girl

    • youdummy


      • king


  • zym

    I'll take my morning local weather ladies, thanks. But thanks for the advertorial!

  • petwookiee

    Are they breeding with Horses in Dallas? Partly cloudy with a chance of Neeeeiiiggggghhhhh!!!!

  • bigcw

    when i saw 11 i knew it had to be dallas

  • HANK

    9 Jordan 3===) Its a TRAP

  • Not a first

    Fail = The Big App Show has been supplying daily mobile original video content for some time now. RWG is new to the game. Hosted by Adam Curry (former MTV VJ) and his hair is at least as long as the RWGs!

  • furthy

    I would follow Lilly from Seattle, but I’m on Android. Poo.

  • Bud Ugly

    Camilla looks fine as hell.

    Too bad there's no Toronto.

  • Tommy

    The finest weather woman to ever live is Dagmar Midcap.

    Dagmar Midcap.

    Do a video/image search, you're welcome.

  • mattythegooch

    Living in Phoenix, I can stick my head out the window and tell it's gonna be 105 and fucking HOT……….all for $0.00.

  • Brg

    No tits for Melbourne? Ahhh damn feels bad man

  • Verdugo Rojo

    Who are the girls on the video?

  • Sociology101

    Someone's getting a bit censorship happy on this website? Hands up if you work for the Chive and like to remove posts completely.

    I'll say it again:
    What a load of bollocks.

    • its_forge

      If it looks anything like spam and it gets deleted, more power to them. Spammers can rot in Hell for eternity.

      • Sociology101

        Um.. the entire post is spam.

  • equalizermax

    I want to go to Seattle!…

    • JaySonX

      she's 13

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