The Real Weather Girls: hands down the best weather App (15 photos + vid)

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Real Weather Girls is the first mobile application to offer daily original video content. It is available on Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (Android App coming soon!). A brand new weather app, buyers will get up-to-the-minute local, national, and international weather updates, radar maps, and the seven day forecast, along with original daily video content which follows the lives of 12 women in 12 cities around the globe. Users have the option to follow any and all of the Weather Girls of their choosing. Think of it as the first mobile reality show.

In addition to providing original daily content, the Girls will engage viewers in an ongoing dialogue. Buyers are encouraged to leave comments for the Girls which they can react to on their videos, thus allowing the Girls and users to directly influence one another’s lives. Girls will also give inside information about the best places to see, eat, and do in their respective cities. The App is tantamount to having a mobile global personal concierge service. The App is a one-time fee of $2.99 and I just bought it and kicked the tires. It seriously rocks. I can't wait till Colby comes over to theCHIVE's offices for an exclusive weather report in Venice Beach!

Buy the App HERE

Check out to learn more about your Girl.

Buy the App HERE

Check out to learn more about your Girl.

  • Can Öktem

    #11 = nightmares

  • Coldzilla

    Nothin North of the border……… 😦

  • its_forge

    I must admit I find Camilla and Baily rather fun to look at. But since I have no interest whatsoever in the weather in London or San Francisco, why would I bother? Especially if this is a subscription rather than a one-time license fee. Paying a subscription fee to have chickies with bleached teeth tell me the weather in places I've either never been or have no interest in going doesn't really turn me on much.

    • capnhook

      It is a one time fee.

  • @brendonfx

    Well I bought the app lets hope it's as good as u say it is..

    • FrankDaTank

      I got it a couple days ago. It doesn't work right I had to download the software like 3 times and most of the videos are lame. That Lily chick sounds like she's 13. It takes so long for the videos to download I didn't want to watch them. Vegas is hot and the english sounds hot but she's annoying and I liked how innocent boston looked, she's pretty fucking pasty tho but she's kinda funny and hot on her knees in that santa thing. Overall I think it's a waste of tiem.

      • NYC

        I'm sorry you feel that way. Generally if you're having any problem with the software it just means you need to update the software on your overall device. That goes for most of the apps actually.

  • Dustin

    I don't live in Boston but that bitch is funny enough to make wanna move there.

  • firebird parts

    haha. that is pretty awesome. maybe weather girls in bikinis would be cooler.

  • dog


  • David

    Looks kike she could unhinge her jaw and eat a human baby

  • max power

    glad i don't live in new york or dallas. buzz'z girlfriend, woof.

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