The world would be a boring place without crazy chicks (22 photos)

  • Bdrizzle

    I wonder if #22 just inserts a vacuum hose into her mouth to clean up around the house?

  • JPC

    #2 and 22 will haunt my dreams forever.

  • Amazed

    Nothing wrong with #16, i can poke her while she tastes the bottom of my scrotum
    pretty amazing actually

  • Bill

    #11 – Steal from much Chive?

  • Why Not?

    if you don't like it go to superpoop and stay there.

  • anon

    #16 will you marry me?



  • Coldzilla

    #16 FTW!

    Oh and #14 – Ill start listenin when YOU start stoppin at STOP signs 😉

  • Guest

    image 11 courtesy of
    Superpoop comics by Drew

  • Marcos Haubert

    can some one please tell me whats going on in number 7?

  • shanna_SA

    omw "poker face" bwahahahaha i sent that pic to my b.f…funny

  • trans am

    agreed on crazy chicks. u work w/ them, go to school with them. they liven up any situation and sometimes make thing dangerous.

  • scooter

    #3 jeez they must be frigging cold. If the bridge in the background is what I think it is, namely the Forth Rail Bridge, then that little river feeds the North Sea, which slightly further up becomes the Arctic Ocean. No wonder people think Scots are nutters!

    I'm surprised her nipples haven't taken someones eyes out!

  • ben

    number 3 is a scottish tradition on new years day you take a dip in the firth of fourth

  • Ken

    Re #5: I don't see ANYTHING crazy about the ass on the right.

  • Marc

    #14 I pay taxes via license and plates you don't so GFY

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