Ah gee, chicks with future lower back problems. Do I?…Yes (30 Photos)

  • Maddog

    I'm pretty sure I'm in love with #5. I will have you to bed or for my bride. Choose wisely.

  • tonka

    #6 Tera Wray……Fnnnnnnn HOT!

  • lompu

    #14: could be Hailee Rain

  • Bob

    #28 Carmen, my fave Camgirl!!!!!!

    #22 Nice!

  • Nothingwrongwiththat

    The spelling is right, it's the grammar that's wrong – I'll stop using my iPhone on the subway

  • Kyle

    #29 almost brought a tear to my eye…

  • aosux

    I'm in love with the chick next to the surfboard. Please give us more of her chive, please!

  • mike you

    I'd Marry #11…anyone know who she is? Email me some info at uglymicrowave@gmail.com thanks ha!

  • z-man

    I want MOAR of #11

    • Guest


  • Coldzilla

    ** Gives up career in the Oil industry to become a chiropractor **

  • its_forge

    Is #2 anyone of consequence or just some random skinnybutt white girl with oil all over her?

  • 55464

    Who is #14 ?!

    Holy shit…

  • Kieran

    need more 14

  • Wang Chung

    #21, er, Lisa, ILY. if thats a duck face I wanna kiss it allt he time. Very sexy! Not like that ridiculous #5, ewww.

  • proudChiver

    Hands down, 15 is the win. That is perfection in all areas achieved. Thank you CHIVE

  • DodgerBlueJJL

    #16…who is she…please.

  • myop

    How has nobody jumped on #16??

  • kcooper30

    Too many butterfaces in this post. Sucks to have such hot bods paired up with such homely faces.

  • meh

    I could stare at #1 all day, and I will

  • john

    16 is where its at

  • carLito

    my chick has some serious lower back probs….these chics are hot, way to go….

  • carLito

    oh yea, thanks chive – i have to go do a suicide wank nows…..

  • Vote for 20 and 11

    I have to say 20 and 11 do it for me I agree that we need full pages on 20 and 11

  • 2warped@gmail.com

    Where does #25 keep her nipples?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shabaaz7 Shabaaz Mohammed

    26 any one?????

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