Daily Afternoon Randomness (36 Photos)

  • Hez26

    You said you gave Mary Jane a pearl necklace….how much did THAT costs?!?!

    • turdfergusson

      I want you to meet Mary Jane.

      That's what we're talking about, B!

  • FapperX

    #15 – Thank you for fixing! Now that's good fap material but I still gotta get the mental picture of her herd out of my mind (fap-fap-f…..). Nah, I'm gonna have to give it one more day.

    #21 – That looks to be Leonardo on that bike. Chive, can you zoom in and give us a better look?

  • Bamaboy

    I LOVE Minka Kelly, she is my baby girl! Lila Garrety

  • D-rock

    #34 LOL good job, next time put it on his paint

  • pizzadeliveryguy

    went to middle school w/ Minka…..why did I care so much about super nintendo?

  • Leo

    I´ll take the bunny ears now

  • Psychotronx

    Why is Kim Kardashian posing with that linebacker?

  • http://deadlastgraphix.com Bisketz

    #35 – Man that was a tough shot to take. Try running backwards with a boner.

    • mipo2010

      Try taking a picture while running backwards and fapping!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617461769 Kjell King

    #17 Hey, it's Petey the sexual harassment panda!

  • fasterthanu

    Kim Kardashin is hot as hell, but she is as interesting as a pensioner crossing the road.

    • its_forge

      So incredibly this. No one in that family is any more interesting than cold unbuttered toast, and since that hair-and-makeup-so-perfect huge fake eyelashes and lots of eyeliner look is just not the look I like, none of them have anything for me whatsoever. And sorry, but dat ass is just too effing huge.

  • Jarvis

    # 33, Their names??

    • Guest

      Charlotte Van brabander and her sister Camille

  • fnaah

    Just for the record: Belgian is not a country. Belgium is a country, and a person from Belgium is called a Belgian. America is to American as Belgium is to Belgian. Get it? Got it? Good.

    • its_forge

      Actually people from Belgium are called either Walloons or Neerlanders. = )

      • MigraineBoy

        Belgians are either Walloon or Flemish. Nederlanders are dutch people.

        • its_forge

          Okay thanks, forgot about the Flemish. There are apparently a lot of Nederlanders living *in* Belgium though.

          • Beldar

            what does all this arguing have to do with waffles?

            • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young


  • KZf

    good job number 34! 😀

  • jakek

    #34….. if i caught you putting your hands, never mind a bumpersticker, on my vehicle i would have no hesitation to kill you with my bare hands in the parking lot.

    ….. its all fun and games till someone crosses a line and dies

    • bubblerider86

      ….then it's hilarious!

    • Jen

      jakek, do you suck at parking?

    • GFHunter

      Then don't park like a douche bag. Problem solved

  • lewoo3

    # 28 – mine too, mine too..

  • http://www.facebook.com/greguire Gregory Nelson Courtney

    #36… am i the only one to notice the girl in the fourth picture is holding a newspaper that might be a potential warning sign?

  • Why Not?

    5 seen way better
    6 awesome
    19 ew
    22 made me lmao

  • vcvc

    wheres belgian

  • Da Sandman

    #33: it's Belgium, retard…

  • lollll

    25? wtf why i dont get that toilet thing at all :D? anyone know??

    • Beldar

      I think people from India shit wherever they feel like it at any time. Watch your step.

  • Phanstar

    Ok am I stupid? Is #19 supposed to be sperm? Please someone explain.

  • edocol

    #6 for the win.

  • DemonSpawn

    #34, that is an awesome sticker! I need some of them……

  • Guy Incognitus

    Belgian isn't a country. Belgium yes, Belgian no.

  • emilime1

    35: And John said sports bras couldn't be sexy…..

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