Meet the most expensive mail order brides in the world (37 Photos)

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They say you get what you pay for. These are one website's 'VIP brides' and they aren't cheap. Your average mail order bride comes with a lot of fees, like when they stiff you for the ranch at Hooters: The broker $2k, travel $1,500, K-1 Fiancee VISA application $500, dental visits (because their teeth suck) $1,500, plus their monthly 'salary' - $500/month. The average bride can be about $15,000 up front.
These girls blow that out of the water. The VIP's will start around $40k and can run much higher depending on their monthly 'salary' cost. If you're starting to think I'm wading too deep into mail-order madness, you'd be right. I think they're awesome. But are they worth it? I leave that to you, Chivers.

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    #6 #7 #10 and #32 …. I'll give you1k each for a weekend and multiple CP's then its back to russia with you!

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