Meet the most expensive mail order brides in the world (37 Photos)

They say you get what you pay for. These are one website's 'VIP brides' and they aren't cheap. Your average mail order bride comes with a lot of fees, like when they stiff you for the ranch at Hooters: The broker $2k, travel $1,500, K-1 Fiancee VISA application $500, dental visits (because their teeth suck) $1,500, plus their monthly 'salary' - $500/month. The average bride can be about $15,000 up front.
These girls blow that out of the water. The VIP's will start around $40k and can run much higher depending on their monthly 'salary' cost. If you're starting to think I'm wading too deep into mail-order madness, you'd be right. I think they're awesome. But are they worth it? I leave that to you, Chivers.

  • tucker

    the first girl has been added to cart. I'll explain the whole mess to my parents when she's delivered

    • first finder

      playing hide n seek with "first"
      found him!

    • George Danger Cruz

      I don't see the point to these "M.O. brides". they are just really super expensive hookers you can't fuck on demand. IF even at all. lets be honest. who orders them? the guys who can't get a decent girl in their respected areas. so they aren't good looking, OR have a serious defect. but then again, ive seen a business run on a less moral platform. carry on you expensive whores, carry on.

      • hMMMM

        Shut up.

  • mipo2010

    Getting yelled at by woman in a foreign language is hotter than I can explain

    • Elisa

      Mipo, you blue eyed beefcake I want to have your baby!!

      • mipo2010

        Umm, Sorry but due to the high volume of requests I cannot accept your request at this time…Also the fact that I'm married w/ kids and another due in 7 days might have a negative outcome on your request

        Sincerely, ~ MiPo

    • thetech2

      reeeeaaaalllllly ya might wanna try that for a year or two then tell us how hot that shit is ,,,take it from me yeah when your banging her its hot when she swears at you when she throws your tv out your bedroom window thru your car well you get the idea

      • mipo2010

        a year or two…That's amateur hour. I've been with mine for 17 years and it's still hot

  • blake

    20 is adorable. I shall call her Savannah

  • turdfergusson

    It's probably worth the money just to get a girl who doesn't speak English. Being super hot is just a bonus.

    • zym

      Delete "English" and I think you're on to something.

      • turdfergusson



  • buster

    I think 30 and 31 are the same girl. Is there a payment plan?

  • douglass

    I'm not impressed. I don't think any of them are worthy

    • mason

      of your parent's basement?

    • babanessa

      Into the fat chick, huh? It's cool, to each his own. 🙂

    • julius

      Agreed. If you guys are so desperate for women just get a hooker or a fleshlight. These women aren't worth it.

  • Aklaim

    11 = Rachel Ray?

    • bob in accounting

      a hot skinny version of rachel ray

      • its_forge

        Hot skinny younger and not addicted to coke

    • LukasS

      I thought the same exact thing.. I wonder if she can cook like her

    • hMMMM

      A faint resemblance, but #11 blows Rachel Ray out!

  • stafferty

    Quick Chivers….To the Casinos

  • Vasya

    Hmmm…. should I buy a Toyota Camry this year or….? Well, there seem to be options now.

    • Big E

      For $40k that better be the sickest Camry ever

  • Jon

    #7 is worth it. Now who wants to lend me 40 grand?

  • GMO

    No woman is worth 40,000. I wouldn't spend it on a car because after 5 years I'll want a new one and I'll never be done paying. Women. . . same deal. Maybe if they installed a trade in policy.

    • cpt

      yea but then youve got to haggle with price on the trade in, and they have to decide whether its worth keepin her on the lot or sell her at auction, resale value on used goods, possibly having to replace breast implants and work all the fat off that comes with being married, all that fun stuff, more hassle and paperwork than a mail-order bride salesman wants

    • vince

      Are you kidding? 40K is still cheaper than a woman here in the U.S. in the long run. 40K + hotness = WIN.

  • Bob

    I'd pay double for #28!!!!!

  • dajesus

    40 Grand?! Well, I'm a bit short. How much to here #2 fart into a walkie-talkie?

    • dajesus

      Yes, I am aware of my grammatical error.

    • HardCore Mike

      LMFAO… best. reply. ever.

  • Daemian

    17 and 26 would both be well worth every penny…. or at the very least, I'd make damn sure I got my money's worth….

  • 1 or 2

    can i put 7 and 10 in the cart and just have chive billed?

  • Pops

    40,000+? Pffft. I'll give you $50.

  • mattythegooch

    Peace out 401K Plan!!!!! #8 is being delivered via ground mail.

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    sounds like a $40,000 headache to me. "whine whine, more money, more money." plus, it is still marriage – once you tie the knot the sex ends and she is off cheating with the delivery guy.

    • MaxSapin

      And then the bitch divorces you once she gets her citizenship and takes half your shit…

  • youdummy

    I guess you're the one changing all the light bulbs at your house, eh?

  • mipo2010

    Ahh yes, My wife forgets the entire English language when she is pissed

  • Lyrex

    #10 – Do they expect you to marry her or adopt her?

    • ROK

      HEYYYY…you might be onto something there…

  • jason, back in pc

    they cant charge me for fapp fapp fapp…

  • FapperX

    Never realized there was a 'salary' component as part of the upfront cost. How is that different from being a hooker other than the fact that you can't kick 'em out the next morning?

  • mipo2010

    For that kind of coin they better never say "Nyet"

  • youdummy

    #34 VIP? She must be really good at something…

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