Meet the most expensive mail order brides in the world (37 Photos)

They say you get what you pay for. These are one website's 'VIP brides' and they aren't cheap. Your average mail order bride comes with a lot of fees, like when they stiff you for the ranch at Hooters: The broker $2k, travel $1,500, K-1 Fiancee VISA application $500, dental visits (because their teeth suck) $1,500, plus their monthly 'salary' - $500/month. The average bride can be about $15,000 up front.
These girls blow that out of the water. The VIP's will start around $40k and can run much higher depending on their monthly 'salary' cost. If you're starting to think I'm wading too deep into mail-order madness, you'd be right. I think they're awesome. But are they worth it? I leave that to you, Chivers.

  • Grodon

    Some are pretty smokin, but more than a few are certainly overpriced unless they can suck the chrome of a trailer ball and will do so at the drop of a hat. Forever.

  • alex

    12 and 17 for sure

  • If i was rich

    Basically an extremely hot high class hooker you pay for monthly but is still a wife and we all know what they try to pull so essentially your paying her to fuck your brains out for a few months then bitch at you for life while you still keep paying.

  • thetech2

    baaahahahahahah I spit my chicken out when I read the salary part ,first and foremost if you want a salary I get to write the job description depicting said salary and there will be a turn fat and bitchy clause in the purchase agreement hell for that kind of money you can pick up an american or canadian girl with a visa and get her ass on a bus for fuck sake that is all i need some fat bitchy cranky woman bitchin at me in some language I can't fuckin understand and moving her family in to my 13 bedroom house all for a bad blowjob and then I gotta give her a salary per her contract nigga please

  • kilordye

    if i take 1,11 and 12 do i get a bulk order discount?

  • its_forge

    Oychh, Polish girls are scary smart and scary hot. We have a Polish girl in our accounting department who has the cutest butt I've ever seen in person and that's really saying something.

    • danimal

      Tell the Polish girl in your accounting department… "Bardzo me-wha doopa".

  • onlyChange

    no thanks to 13, 27, 28, 29

  • NoWorkNoPlay

    I am with chrisdg, had I had the money, I would add them all and def worth the money. You pay that much + just courting a female normally.

  • bob

    I’ll take two when they go on layaway

  • The Dude

    Looks like a worthy investment to me

  • Terry Burke

    aaaaaahhh human trafficking never looked so good

  • fck

    no matter how expesive they are, they are still as cheap as they come

  • Bernardo Oliveira

    For 40k I'd probably make an effort and get one for free but then again, if I had the 40k, why the hell not?! They're super hot!
    Plus, any chick that hot will make you spend that much money one time or another. Might as well give it all upfront.

  • ringo starr

    it would be so crazy if someone paid $1.5M to free all 37 and hire them to sign posters at a nerd expo or humanitarian event

  • mat

    say i get a divorce and the wifey doesnt make off like a bandit, one of these might be worth it. just to spite Number 1.

  • sanjay

    you're gonna buy them, and they have a salary of $500? why? you can't have these hot women outside of your house? c'mon!

  • frothing

    if that is what they get for a salary imagine what the settlement will cost PRE-NUP!

  • cpt

    #23 please with a side of #1

  • glenn

    11, 17, 20

  • ChingchongChina

    If i was super rich I would order a bunch of them and turn them into my entourage.

    The less english they spoke the better the entourage I think…. plus they would have to learn some form of martial arts… in fact each one would have to have a specialty like lock picking and stuff…..

  • Spivias

    …. if i hadda money….
    i buy them all
    cept 34 tho

  • Badrinath

    20 and 36…. that is all.

  • SpookyTooky

    If they want to be treated like kobe beef, then I want HIGH res, up close photos of every inch of their bodies.

  • js91

    I'd like to buy 28, 29, 32…33…1….3…oh fuck it. I'LL TAKE THEM ALL!

  • RAin

    Whats up with her right leg in #22…….



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