Meet the most expensive mail order brides in the world (37 Photos)

They say you get what you pay for. These are one website's 'VIP brides' and they aren't cheap. Your average mail order bride comes with a lot of fees, like when they stiff you for the ranch at Hooters: The broker $2k, travel $1,500, K-1 Fiancee VISA application $500, dental visits (because their teeth suck) $1,500, plus their monthly 'salary' - $500/month. The average bride can be about $15,000 up front.
These girls blow that out of the water. The VIP's will start around $40k and can run much higher depending on their monthly 'salary' cost. If you're starting to think I'm wading too deep into mail-order madness, you'd be right. I think they're awesome. But are they worth it? I leave that to you, Chivers.

  • minion

    Yes worth it if:

    1. they come with pre-installed mute button and the deed includes the remote.

    2. they come with a 20 year no-questions-asked exchange policy.


    PS not forget the prenup boys!

  • A Bit Too Happy

    Is it me or does #6 look a little like Heidi Klum?Also are these girls russian? And finally , Is there a layaway plan?

  • Anonymous

    i’d pay 40K for that

  • shanna_SA

    i'm curious to know if buying a woman is really what you guys are after? are you not worried that they will never truly love you or care about you and the rest of the world knows that you had to buy a chick?….just wondering…I know a few guys that have bought them and make extra money off of their strippingits sad but i guess better than their own lifestyle?

    • A Bit Too Happy

      Do you really want to know? or are you just being judgemental? If you want I can share the extensive research I've done into the subject.

      • shanna_SA

        people are not meant to be owned its just how it is…you cannot force someone to love you and money doesnt buy you love…sexual gratification maybe…..I feel sorry for them…nothing more, it is'nt really a subject that grabs my interest so its ok about the details 😉 thanx

        • A Bit Too Happy

          I am gonna reply anway, essentially these girls have opted to become what is essentially an arranged marriage (a marriage of convience).These girls are not being forced to marry anyone, they have to chosen to take this route. It isn't slavery. These girls merely value financial security above all else. Alot of North American women are the same, they want to stay at home, raise children, while their husband earns them a living. This attitude is still prevalent today, check out the dating sites and count how many women want their dates to make 60,000+ a year. That's cool, if these people thinks that will make them happy then they are free to pursue that in their lives. Everyone wants something different out of marriage. Cultures that have arranged marriages refer to like a soup.

          • A Bit Too Happy

            While a marriage of passion is hot and intense at the beginning,over time it wanes and cools down and an arranged marriage is the reverse, it heats up over time. My best friend (an immigrant from India) is part of an arraged marriage. I gave him the usual questions " Don't you want to marry someone you love? What if you don't love her?" and he explained that to him "Love is sacrifice" and marriage is a lifelong comittment and he has comitted to it. I still don't understand it completely, but I respect his culture and you should too. Stop being a bigot.

            • A Bit Too Happy

              You might think it's crazy, but India has the lowest divorce rates in the world, 1.1%while the United States has the highest 50%. Are they afraid their spouse will fall passiontely in love with someone else and leave them? yea of course they are, but considering 1 in 2 marriages will fail in US thats prolly gonna happen anyways.

  • adam

    Number 1 and 2 is the same girl and she is gorgeous yes please.

  • CaptainWow

    Why would anyone want to pay so much money to have the Russian mob start draining money out of your bank account?

  • El duderino

    Uh, I'm just gonna go find a cash machine

  • Coldzilla

    yeah but do they do windows?


  • Tomcat

    I'd like to order number 22 please. I've always wanted to own a mermaid.

  • Guest

    Two questions, is there a test drive and whats the refund policy?

  • trick

    For that kind of money you could just buy a hot american bitch

  • Chewbacca

    I would GLADLY pay 40K for #28…
    Now, I just have to get 40,000 dollars…

  • Fap for free

    40k is a pretty expensive when you could just fap to them on the chive for free.

  • Kotlet

    Rats, I like number 4 but my wife likes number 11 and we can only afford one.

  • 20th Century Vole

    Probably make for a right jazzy week-end, but kinda wearing in the long run. I'd guess.


    I know a guy that got a mail order russian. He was this upper 40's dorky looking guy.
    He lied and claimed he met her while visiting russia for work. The only thing is that he's a State Farm Agent and had no reason to be in Russia for work. The truth eventually came our.
    She was super hot though!! He got her some nice implants and it just finished her off perfectly.
    Well they were together for a few years and then she woke up and realized what she capable of landing she dumped him. Poor
    I did see her at a local club and and up getting a nice russian BJ.
    I didnt pursue any further cuz I think she'd always be looking for the bigger better deal!

  • iwo jima

    You know, it’s curious … these ladies look like ordinary ladies. My thoughts are … The reason that they are “expensive”, could only be that they’re prostitutes out to settle down & ride a rich man’s wallet. They don’t know how to live in the middle man’s world! Or they’re leeches out to live the high life that every man don’t have. I feel sorry them type of women! Well, if they’re worth it to you guys that have the bucks, go for it! But where’s the love? Ya can’t buy that! The sex is nice, but are you having to buy that? Go to the corner of a big city for that … heh, heh!

  • dog

    #9,#37 have been added to my cart!

  • Will.I.Am

    #1 & 2 look like the same girl and smoking hot.

  • buuillis

    maybe #20 for 40K

  • MikeK

    Oh, so worth it!!!

  • bob

    Its cheaper to just get some high end hookers.

  • Greta

    #12 …. 40K for a chic who duckfaces??? no thanks

  • mojo789

    I want one!!!! No screw that, I want them all!!!!!

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