Some amusing photos to get you through your mid-week crisis (28 Photos)

  • Boobyboy


  • kpsurf

    Scary penis monster!!!!

    • George Danger Cruz

      Thats what she said!

  • HellHath NoFury

    Go away if you don't like it. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

    • HellHathNoFriends

      Even with your facebook link here I have more friends than you. Maybe you should try being nicer and less groupie-like.

      • HellHath NoFury

        Maybe only trashy people are derisive and rude about what they get for free, like a hobo who cusses at you for receiving change and not bills, or a welfare recipient who whines about wanting more. If you don't like the service, shut your damn mouth and make a better site or fucking go away. This is their site, you're just visiting.

        • Polemiki

          that pic is awesome, stfu

        • Tas

          You sound like a little whiney bitch.

        • HellHathNoFriends

          I love this service. It lets me speak freely. And make public announcements.
          Like announcing despite my not being an attention seeker, I have more friends than you.
          Maybe it's because I'm not self-righteous and I'm nice to people. Who knows. Could just be because I don't try so hard with my Chive comments.

          • HellHath NoFury

            I'm nice to people that aren't entitled, whining bitches.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              And people that don't say they're nice only to be the exact opposite. If she's such an attention whore, how come it's you who's bragging about who has more friends? If she was attention seeking, she could easy go around adding every single person she comes across, which she doesn't. If her posting comments is attention seeking, then every damn person on here is attention seeking.

              • HellHathNoFriends

                Wow, two attention-seeking linkers in one reply thread. What's with you people? We're here to look at Chive stuff, not be bombarded with self-serving links from the friendless. Take your gratuitous personal page-flogging elsewhere. The rest of us already have lives. Hence no need to use sites like this to push our wares.
                Chive should take a screen shot of this thread and post it under the title "Double Complete Lamebow". We could create a little song and make t-shirts.
                Size 'M' for 'My comments are not thinly disguised self-serving links' please.

                • HeartUnderTheRose

                  Um, there is no link in my post, you effing tool. You come here, talking shit on people, trying to say you're nice, and we're the attention seekers? You are a fucking moron. If you have such a life and are so much better than us, why do you waste your precious time replying? People like you attack people like us because you're the ones who have such little self worth that you feel you can get it by talking trash on those who don't need to find meaning in shit like this.

                  • HellHathNoFriends

                    I think we're all overlooking the bigger issue here. Ms No fury started all this with her comment "Go away if you don't like it. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." But the irony is, if she didn't like that comment, she could have "gone away if she didn't like it." ie ignored it. Do you see the hypocrisy at work here? So it's ok for her to tell someone to fk off if she doesn't like what they say, yet Catence (the original poster) is not allowed an opinion? (btw Catence has since deleted his comment, probably after being so crudely told to go away for having an opinion.)
                    A 'fucking moron' I may be, but not an attention-seeking hypocrite. I have no problem with people who dish out abuse, but if you're going to scratch and hiss and cry when someone throws a little back your way, best keep silent.

                    • HellHath NoFury

                      …and here you are posting walls of text about us. Go play with your friends.

                    • HellHathNoFriends

                      There are some who might tell one to go away if they didn't like my text walls…

                    • Beau_INAF

                      You really feel like you're making a difference, don't you? You feel like the things you're saying are all good, valid points in an effort to make you seem like the person in the right. You have no grip on reality.

                      The fact remains, someone made a comment, she told them to stop whining. If at some point you want to get in an internet war of words filled with silly insults, that is welcomed and encouraged. It's a totally different story if you want to sit there and point out what you believe she's doing wrong, and how, by comparison, you're so much better/more right/more morally correct than she is.

                      It is YOU who is the troll. I'm not comparing myself to anyone, I'm not saying HHNF or HUTR are better or worse then you. I'm telling you that YOU are a FUCKING TOOL.

                      I hope I worded this in a way that makes sense to you. If you still don't understand, then I feel sorry for you.

                    • HellHathNoFriends

                      Due apologies, but I gave up reading your post after the first sentence. It was very banal writing.
                      Next time try to begin with something a little more captivating.
                      Though admittedly I have viewed some of your previous comments, which I have consistently found disappointingly lacking in wit and intelligence.
                      I'm not writing you off just yet, but do keep in mind that this is only 'probably' the best site in the world. All it takes is one repeat substandard commenter to change things to 'would have been the best site in the world had not one poor contributor continually dragged the entire average down.'
                      Thank you for your input into this debate all the same, and always remember – a glorious failure is better than a safe success. Keep trying.

                      Kind regards

                    • Beau Young

                      So the commenters ruin the site for you? Here I was thinking this was a content driven site. I guess I had it all wrong. Thanks for showing me the light!

                    • turdfergusson

                      NO Friends, you come off like a douche.

                    • Beau_INAF

                      lol, and I would know a thing or two about walls of text. I've made a few in my day. These are some bargain bin walls of text at best. It's a shame to actually sit and read them. I feel the need to stop reading at multiple points and assume the rest.

                    • evil biatch

                      go suck a dick u sound so desperate

                    • Ron

                      Well said HellHathNoFriends, I agree, HHNF is very hypocritical. Yes, she should have just not commented on it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, not get it bashed. You'll find on here that's how HHNF is. Then her lame friend comes to back her up almost every time.

                      HHNF, if you didn't like the post, you could have just clicked on the thumbs down and left it at that. Can you not see how hypocritical you are?

                      HeartUnderTheRose, way to be classy. If I had to form an opinion of you based on your last post, two words come to mind, super bitch.

                    • stafferty

                      Insert long monolougue here

                    • laser tits

                      some thing something more friends than staffery something something.

                    • CPO_Mendez

                      Long rebuttal failing miserably at showing how cool I am and baiting the trolls into a large and drawn out argument.

                    • HeartUnderTheRose

                      Super bitch, huh? Wow, so standing up for someone because some little twit thinks he/she is so smart for talking shit makes me a bitch? You really need to learn the definition of the word then. Here's the thing, I don't start shit. I may put in my two cents if someone is being a giant tool, but I'm not the original one to start it. I am not the type of person to just sit back and watch while some little douche proves they are just as big of a hypocrite as they claim the one they are attacking to be. You don't know a damn thing about me, yet I know a hell of a lot about HHNF to know that she doesn't deserve to have assholes like you attack her. But if standing up for someone who I actually know makes me a bitch, yet someone attacking someone they don't know doesn't make them a bitch, then I'd rather be a bitch than someone like you.

                    • Terry Burke

                      so everyone is entitled to their own opinion huh? then why when ever HHNF or HUTR say theirs the entire chivery comes down on them and bashes the holy hell out them? why don't people just rate them down and not saying thing? because people are assholes i mean really you are all raging on HHNF for not having a life or no friends when in fact she does have both. you people come on chive gang up her telling to get a life when it seems all you guys live for is ripping on her. sooooooooo who needs the life? and really HUTR is a super bitch? yeah i don't think so. she is one of 2 people sticking up for her friend here. you guys just suck at life. that all i have to say

                    • Kjell King

                      Well said.

                    • McBeastie


                    • CPO_Mendez

                      You do realize Catence is a girl right? did you pay attention at all when coming up with your argument HHNFake?

          • Its-a me, Mario

            we are talking facebook friends right? Cause that just makes it so much more true.

            • HellHath NoFury

              I was talking about real life, since all but a handful of my Facebook friends are kept at an arms length.

              • Its-a me, Mario

                this is why this system fails…..either your reading wrong, or thechive just likes to mess things up, cause I was reacting to the comment where it was being said that HellHathNoFriends had more 'friends' than you.

                but alright, lets throw a little chaos in the mix.

              • ashamed ugandan

                stuffed animals don't count.

          • turdfergusson

            Are you really bragging about all your internet friends? Does that actually make you feel good about yourself?

            NOT self righteous?


      • Aii

        Damn, your ass got owned haha

        • HellHath NoFury

          Not yet it hasn't, it just always sounds like there's something up there.

          • UpOnTheRoof

            I bet it was the donuts I'm eating for breakfast that got you to come out of your hibernation. HellHath NoFury like getting in between a woman and her donuts!

    • Jimmy

      I am sure you've people have seen this picture. It about sums up this argument.

    • Nociceptor

      HellHath, why do you always jump down peoples throats just for saying something about this website? Are you Captain Chive Protector or something? Let people express their opinions. You're always making stupid comments yourself just to get a few thumbs up next to your name. I think it would be best if you just shut your mouth and turn off your computer.

      • Beau Young

        I would say the ratio is 10%. For every time she defends the chive, 9 other people have done it once since the last time she did it. I'd say that's a pretty reasonable percentage. I've defended it several times, and I've seen a ton of other people do it without her intervention involved.

        The facts go to show, you're just reading all of her posts, and not all of their posts. She's not making posts to get thumbs up. She'd just say shit about how much she wants to make out with every hot chick that comes up and have a threesome with her and one lucky chiver. I tend to see some combination of humor, intelligent debate, complimenting or insulting. I'd say that's a pretty normal combo of reasons to comment on posts..

        If you kept up with the things everyone else said as much as you kept up with what she says, I think you could make a slightly more informed reply next time. Good luck with that.

        • Nociceptor

          I see where you're coming from but I do indeed read all of the posts and have seen other people defend the Chive. However, it always seems that she is usually the one who makes the comments seem personal and hurtful to those that posted them. Its one thing to make a funny or casual comment in defense of the Chive but to be a complete asshole about it is another story. You must be naive to not realize that she makes many comments just to get some thumbs up. How many times can you comment on posts of attractive women before it starts to get old and repetitive. I'm not saying that every comment she makes is bad, its just annoying when she flames others for expressing their opinions.

        • Bass

          Every time you write a comment to stick up for HHNF it makes you sound like a sad sad little person. She posts the stupid comments so let her defend her own actions. Your long speils don't make you sound intelligent either, I'm assuming it's an ego boost for you?

          • CPO_Mendez

            I believe it's Spiels. And I think there should have been a period at the end there… not a comma.

  • fasterthanu

    What team is #20 anyway?

    • vzla-ftw

      some colombian soccer team, the sponsor in the jerseys is some kind of soda from there

    • Irony

      It's Colombia's "Medellin Nacional" . And yea Postobon is one of their softdrinks, but it has flavors like apple, strawberry, etc. It's actually pretty good.

      • Irony

        Edit: "Atletico Nacional" but they are based outta Medellin. my bad

        • MGS

          I'm a fan of Nacional… but I would never tattoo the jersey to my thorax like that… Not that I find it strange, coming from Colombian football fandom. He's got a lot of explaining to do when he's old
          It's like their city rivals, DIM, they have this fan that actually changed his name legally to the name of the team.
          Before: Julián Gustavo Giraldo Zuluaga
          After: "Deportivo Independiente Medellín Giraldo Zuluaga".
          Google it. No BS.

    • vzla-ftw

      things like that make me love baseball even more…

  • Creeed Braton

    18 was too. i think. it was posted recently at least.

  • vzla-ftw

    21 means men think with their dicks and talk only shit?????? LOL

  • Trig

    If anybody needs me, I'll be in P113 with #15.

    • kigero

      gotta do what you gotta do, bro

  • googboog

    Raiden really let himself go.

  • Ryan White

    If someone says "derp" to 28 I'll shoot someone

    • DERP just for ryan


      • bsutt

        thanks a lot now hes going to shoot someone. hopefully himself? lol…just kidding i love ya ryan. DERP

      • Ryan White

        to quote some family guy

        "this is why the other countries are beating us!"

  • king

    #23 hater gonna hate?

  • king

    #2 old spice guy…. you're doing it wrong

  • vzla-ftw

    yes, 17 and 18 are reposts, but whatever, and HHNF: can't we all just get along??

    • HellHath NoFury

      Do you know what that is a reference to? And the answer was a resounding and violent, 'NO'.
      But yes, we can.

      • hmm

        uhm. wtf just went on?
        all seemed pretty immature and unnecessary… [didn't see the first comment, it got deleted..? :S]

      • HellHath NoLife

        you are all…so dumb. you realize you are arguing about a giant cock dinosaur right?

        • hmm

          Oh it was about picture 21? really?
          sheesh. it was an odd picture but did the comment that got deleted whinge about it? if so.. why? pretty pointless.. its just a picture, plus you can't expect to come on a site like TheChive and get all nicey pictures that'd you'll like each and every one.

          but I didn't see the first comment that started it soo..

          • Catence

            Ok, I really don't even know where to begin on this post. I posted a comment saying that #17 was just in the randomness yesterday and that maybe they should wait a little longer between posting the same pictures. How that comment got turned into all of this I have no idea. I deleted the comment because I saw that it was starting this whole thing and I didn't want to be attacked by anyone. I love the chive and visit it all the time, and have even submitted pics. Had I known that constructive criticism to a site we all know and love would bring this kind of backlash, I never would have said it. And for that I guess I apologize.

            • Nociceptor

              Honestly Catence, you're welcome to express your opinion whenever you like. HellHath NoFury is truly the most annoying, hypocritical person on the Chive. No apology is necessary for the comment that you made and you shouldn't feel bad either. In fact, I hope to see you comment more just so I can give it a thumbs up.

              • vzla-ftw

                so, you are some kind of emo that only feels pain????

        • rapist

          So dumb….so soo dumb. For real. Run and tell dat….homeboyyyyyyy.

      • Friendless

        It doesn't seem like we can get along…so, since I have no friends I think I'll just go cut myself….

        • Jen


      • Chuck

        Alright you guys know how to solve this. All three girls.. assuming NoFriends is a chick should all make out and send the picture to chive so that i may view it and fap 😀

        • HellHath NoFury

          I don't want to taste the bitterness in her mouth.

          • SweetAwesomeness

            well….umm….so much for a welcome back party for HHNF!!

  • Its-a me, Mario

    14 is kinda awesome

  • tommybhoy

    A Fap Room spoils the surprise of having a suicide wank

  • Diggler

    Hahaha! I love when complete strangers argue over the interwebs.

    • HellHathNoFriends

      Complete strangers? They're my wives.

      • bsutt

        i feel sorry for you.

      • Beau_INAF

        This was his defense in their restraining order cases against him. Needless to say, it didn't work. They almost wanted to let him go on the basis of insanity.

      • HellHathNoFriends

        My favorite part about this whole thing is that anyone can use any name at any time.

  • chrisdg74

    4 – Raiden. What happened??
    6 – 69. You're doin' it wrong.

  • chrisdg74

    9 – A fap a day keeps the anxiety away.
    23 – *facepalm

    • FLHomesteader

      I laughed at the combination of those two sentences together.

      Fapping and face palming should most definitely be separated!

  • robsterling

    #21 – Penisaurus Rex!

    • bsutt

      i LOL'd at that comment. thank you for that.

  • mipo2010

    21, Trolls, your ride has arrived

  • Ben

    The winner of 25? All of us…

  • wanderingsmartass

    #2 must be the old spice guy

  • alysinwunderland

    #4 is Kung Fu Panda?

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  • equalizermax

    #1 – Meanwhile in Korea…

  • Bdrizzle

    #6 is a complete whore, trying to get anything she can even from statues! #15 is her sister, mom and dad had to put a chastity belt on her and now she's trying to break free because Mick Jagger is in town… <sigh> =P

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