Some amusing photos to get you through your mid-week crisis (28 Photos)

  • Tom

    haha wow @ #12…that picture was taken in Boston right next to my office tower. I see that guy flying around Stuart St, St James, and Copley Square all the time…weird seeing him on the Chive.

    • meh

      i see him all the time goin down Boylston, he's weird.

  • Maggie Karabel

    Finally found my gravestone.

  • 76United

    Cockosaurus Erex?

  • max

    PedoDuck > #11

  • Ken

    #24 may not look like much but that photo captures a pretty rare phenomenon called the Brocken Spectre.

  • Beau

    Smooches, pooches!

    • HellHath NoFury

      It's called 'cowardice'.

      • Beau Young

        With a registered identity in place, there would be means of authentication one must pass before posting with your name & thumbnail. I'd go as far as to say you leave the door open so you can claim the defense any time you'd like.

        Also, I've never said smooches pooches before. I've said smooches and pooches, but never in the same sentence. Ok, maybe in the same sentence but not as a phrase like that. Ok so I have. SUE ME. Don't sue me. I need my money.

        • nemesis

          Beau. You are officially awesome.

  • Big Los

    I like turtles…

  • Bob

    Fat Raiden = Awesome. Sure he'd get his ass kicked easily though.

  • martin_mcfish

    #25 is the reason i wake up in the morning

  • Devin

    He's Raiden allright….Raiden da Fridge!

  • Paul

    Ok.. I give up… Whats a FAP?

    • CPO_Mendez

      Fap-The sound you make when you masturbate.

  • vic


  • FartFace

    What the Hell, Daffy?! Really? Who designed that thing and how did they get by with it?

    • Beau Young

      I agree with the sentiment, but it's Donald. Not Daffy. Daffy's an african-american duck. Donald is a caucasian duck. Ah, silly political correctness.

  • Coldzilla

    ok I was gonna post something witty but I got caught up reading all the replies to Catence' first post

    And now Im too tired……..:S

  • Ken

    I want to party with #6.

    Note to self: gracefully decline dinner invitation from the lady in #18.

  • Marcelo Muñoz


  • northerner


    Sorry, seemed to fit.

    Yeah, I like the sign, too. Not that I practice it intentionally….no accidents in 40+ years…

  • Why Not?

    #22 the sky is falling

  • Ray Von Sunshine

    No one impressed with #17, or are my eyes deceiving me? Where is that?

    • skeet

      this is in the middle of a hotel in Berlin… near Alexanderplatz

  • awickersham

    I’ve seen that dude in number 12! He hangs out around Copley in Boston

  • Baldy

    #6 is from the university of calgary. Cool..

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