Spanking brand new Bar Rafaeli lingerie shoot (10 photos)

  • Ben King

    Now we know why Leo is always walking around with a grin on his face.

  • bigcw

    These haven been out for a month if not two at least according to my screen saver.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Criticizing on a post of a beautiful woman? Bad news, bro.

      • HellHathNoFriends

        Must you make at least one juvenile comment on every post?

        "Go away if you don't like it"
        – someone we both know

        • CSI

          AMEN brotha!

        • HellHath NoFury

          It's actually a court-mandated requirement, you obsessive fruitbasket. Other people make bad comments, too. Now stop picking on the little girls.

          • Daemian

            Give him a break, darlin'. When the guy can't take a leak without pissin' all over his zipper he can't exactly mess with someone his own size (so to speak)….

            • GMO

              I think it's funny as hell that people constantly bitch that a photo is old or has been seen before when you know they're clicking back in the archives to see photos of chicks that have been posted for months upon months.
              It's as lame as the "first" posters.

        • turdfergusson

          Why are you so obsessed with her? You sit there waiting for her to post something, anything, so you can call her names. You use a screen name mocking hers. I bet you sit there at night masturbating and crying calling her name out.

          Don't get it, bro

        • evil biatch

          haha ur so right she is a dumb ass

    • Terry Burke


  • HellHath NoFury

    You could have just posted #2 10 times. Or 100.

    • HellHath isa dumbass

      god shut up!

      • evil biatch

        haha for real shes a dumb ass chicken head !!!!shes jealouse her ugly face dont look as good as her lol

        • HellHath NoFury

          Where the hell did you find anything jealous in that statement? Please learn to both read and write before attempting to insult people.

        • its_forge

          Sockpuppets are so very 1992.

    • idiotttt


  • MPMoore

    Damn you Leo.
    But better him than me.
    Hell, I fully admit I wouldn't know what the fuck to do if she was ever in my bed, aside from mess myself and have a heart attack.

    • Jen

      what you do is, take out the hard penis and put it into the hole. it really doesnt matter which one, just pick!

      • Daemian

        Good Girl!!! I should put my GF in touch with you for a little talk…..

  • Beau_INAF

    The cat in #10 appears to be shopped. I would know because I've seen a lot of pixels in my time.

    • HellHath NoFury

      You missed a perfectly good opportunity to say 'pussies' instead of 'pixels'. Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.

      • mipo2010

        Maybe the only pussies seen as of late were in pixels

      • Dreamy

        Every once in a while, HHNF, your comments are actually funny.

        +1 for this post and above pictures :>

  • Skedaddle

    Very, very tasty indeed. Thanks for sharing, Mr. Decaprio.

    • edocol


  • Malachi Constant

    That's one hot Jew..reminds me of a young hebrew I used to date. She had incredible tits and was natural born cocksucker!

    • mipo2010

      Gee, with comments like that I am shocked the 2 of you broke up

      • Malachi Constant

        I fucked her roommate, I used to be a bastard-

        • mipo2010

          Even though "she had incredible tits and was a natural born cocksucker" that combination is hard to come by

  • phondo

    Body, great, of course. But face, about 5 notches down.

  • DemonSpawn

    Pinups FTW!

  • CSI

    Kinda like guitar girl, except hot

    • mipo2010

      Guitar girl rejected you didn't she?? This is like the 3rd post you have commented badly about her on today…BTW nice name but Criminal Minds rocks socks way harder than CSI

      • CSI

        i was dissapointed yes, chive has posted chicks 10xs hotter, im just sayin the fame was undeserved…and ur right criminal minds is pretty bad ass

        • mipo2010

          Guitar Girl is a silicone, orange glow and duck face free Chiver!!! Gotta get some points in your book

          • CSI

            True words..but i am not a fan of skinny flat asses, needs some ass please, until then hand me some syrup for that pancake ass!

  • whoa!

    spanking? i didn't see any spanking… where's the spanking?

  • jaredallas

    Key word here: spanking

  • mipo2010

    Leo, you may simply walk into Mordor, go ahead you've earned it

  • aosux

    I'd wear her like a helmet

  • tst4eko

    #9…..curves are good. fap fap fap fap….

  • zym

    I'd occupy her territories. I'd like to build some settlements on her strip. I'd Oslo her accord.

    (topical, yet asinine)

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  • Jay

    Nice pussy. (Had to be said)

  • Coldzilla

    As someone said live the old, pin up feel to this!

    Nice! ❤

  • its_forge

    Candice Swanepoel is prettier. This girl's got an a-maaaaaaazing figure, but Swanepoel has such a gorgeous face.

  • Joey

    Nice body. Lingerie kind of sucks (takes a really bad style to look unflattering on her, yet somehow it manages). Anybody else think she's starting to resemble Sarah Jessica Parker in #10? Sorry for the number of softies just asking that question has caused.

  • northerner

    She is drop dead gorgeous. And #4, OMG. There's something about a crossed-leg straight-on shot…OMG. So hot…I'm sweating….

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