Cakes worthy of the Triforce (34 Photos)

  • Rodrigo Maldonado Torres

    #28 I get the cap and the baseball… but a dildo??????

    • scv

      flesh light

  • Ben

    why does the baseball one have a dildo?

  • scv

    nope, pretty sure its a flesh light

  • mewfacekilla

    #7 is what every kid wants for his or her birthday…a decapitated horse head

  • Ken

    Well, this thread turned rather scatological. Bad enough even if it weren't about cakes!

  • ajk

    #14 that's no cake

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    #13 is Photoshopped. I know, I'm sure everyone knows that, but I see it get posted with real cake photos all the time like it's real when it's not.

  • Catence

    Kind of curious about the story behind #25….but I'm sure I would regret it shortly thereafter.

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