Jonathan Hobin’s “In the Playroom” exhibit is not controversial at all *Warning Graphic*

Jonathan Hobin's exhibit, "In the Playroom," stars children acting out modern-day horrors from 9-11 to prisoner abuse.
Hobin went on to say:
"Kids have always taken what they see in life and incorporated it into their play. Play is a tool that kids use to process and understand the world around them.
All I've done is exaggerate those reflections of our world that kids see."

The 12 photographs, three years in the making, are on display at Ottawa's Dale Smith Gallery until Sunday.

Check out Jonathan's website for more exhibit information

  • sanji

    very disturbing photography, not cool at all dude!

  • Dreamy

    So many of you complain that the use of kids here is exploitation.

    Yet how many kids act in television shows, movies, magazines…?
    He's an artist trying to get his point across. It's about how kids are affected by what they see so it makes sense they are in the picture?

    + seems like he knows how to get ppl their attention at least, even if it's negative.

  • Ken

    While I don't buy the child exploitation criticism, I don't like the photos. They look contrived to be offensive rather than being moving in a more organic manner. They look cartoonish and canned which is out of sync with the subject matter. That me takes me out of the experience.

    The result is art that is silly at best and offensive at worst. The work is superficial so he had to go for controversy where a better artist can connect on a deeper level with their audience.

    • Andy

      I think it's superfacial because he's making fun of the superfacial mass media.

  • Katie Hedger

    for #6: its called 39 lashes, which according to the Bible is how many lashes Christ received pre-crucifixion. There are pictures of jesus and a cross on the wall, the girl is reading a bible, but also has several Louis Vuitton items in her hospital room… even with all these clues, i have no idea what incident #6 is supposed to represent.

    • K94

      A girl with cancer?

    • rockstar323

      I'm thinking Tammy Faye.

  • Da Cuntstabber

    Gotta like someone with balls
    also #9 gorgeous blondie!! :p

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  • mayor masterston

    This guy obviously generated something note worthy or no one would have felt compelled to comment. I dare the critics to do the same.

  • Jude

    Isn't this the point of photography? Of any art, really? To make you think, and to stir up emotions? I personally, think he did amazing. This makes me feel mad and disturbed seeing the missing picture- the jonbenet one- more than any of the others, so I must say, kudos to Jonathon Hobin.

  • Jawbone

    That cocksucker's website is gone. Reckon he's back to flipping burgers.

  • Audrey

    The jonbenet picture is not the only missing one. There are two more, one a reference to the Jonestown massacre and the other about Natalee Holloway. And number six is about Tammy Faye, and how she died of cancer.

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