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    This might be a hoax, but seriously so many network admins do not secure their networks properly. I mean now we have more secure protocols like IPsec, DNSsec, S-BGP. which is a more secure version Border Gateway Protocol. The other day I read that the reason youtube was unreachable becuase PPCW had route posioned YouTube and it propagated throughout the internet making youtube unreachable for a few hours. I can't believe that the admins of these ISPs allowed that to happen. Here I am , currently unemployed and cutting people's lawns to make ends meet, while these incompentent admins are thriving in those major corporations. *Sigh* I've even help point out vulnerablilites in these company's networks and I get threatened with legal action. I always tell the admin and never publish or reveal to the public these vulnerabilities and I get treated like a social pariah. But seriously anyone need a network admin…….I'll work for peanuts.(metaphorically….ok maybe not)

  • Bdrizzle

    The woman is beautiful and knows how to take a joke. Pretty awesome hack i must say!

  • SpookyTooky


  • Bob

    This guy is awesome!

  • Dreamy

    Yeah I wondered as much since at the end of the movie the link it refers to is about gradiating in IT.
    Too bad this is fake :/

  • Chaim

    It would be very nice if it wasn't fake!
    I can do the same thing in a fake Swahili channel, with bad actors and put the subtitles I want to tellmy "real" story.

    Nice try for a good idea

  • billthewelder

    Calling it bogus because he could have recorded that broadcast and then built his story around it.

  • Zuumgali

    That kid got it right at the very end there, when he shouts, "What's wrong with you!" How many freaking hours of therapy did those parents add to their kid's lives.

    • zuumgali

      Oops, switched over to the parent's chainsaw vid but the comments were still for the teleprompter hack. Sorry.

  • Dan

    i dont think someone who is smart enough to hack into a news station is dumb enough to film himself doing it.so i'm pretty sure the clip is fake

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