Meet the ‘World’s Tallest Blonde’. Did I mention she’s single? (14 Photos)

Her name is Lindsay Hayward and she's 6'9" tall, a height she's achieved by the age of only 13. Now she's a professional wrestler. I guess she's knows for spinning fully grown men over her head like a helicopter. Also, she's looking for love, boys. Would you?

  • Derek

    Seriously guys? She probably wouldn't even feel you if you were less than 15 inches… Just sayin

  • kpsurf

    I WOULD fer sure!

  • bob

    at least once to try it

  • ChingchongChina

    We could combine and become Master Blaster

  • muscledrifter

    Wouldn’t have to bend over to motor-boat!

  • bombadil


  • Me!

    If things didn't work out, I'd be too afraid to break up with her.

  • Miguel T

    Oh Hells yeah Im only 6-0 but i would wreck this chick ..

  • NotARealUsername

    forgot to mention shes fat and ugly

  • Allie

    In #12 I swear I see a bulge

  • Richie

    With a six foot nine inch smile on my face I would!

  • thane

    id hit it for weeks

  • Rob

    There's a 7' blond somewhere in Scandanavia region of Europe and she is 300 lbs, but actually pretty fuckin hot. Way better than that chick is.

  • J.R.

    Fuck NO

  • uriel578

    I would like to have her giant babies. We have the largest newborns in Iceland, and she looks like she could handle my viking babies.

  • Eddthecook

    the things she could teach me

  • Aaaa

    #10 I'd rather have that smokin' brunette…

  • Hut

    its gonna take gonna take 2 harpoons to take down that whale

  • Lou

    Maybe Shaq would be a good partner.

  • shnugs

    lol @ snoo snoo

  • tinyuk

    I am 6 10 and 280lbs and hell yes

  • jacob

    Hell yes I would!

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