I now declare Jaime Edmonson Queen Ginger (22 Photos)

  • Phil

    I don't mind the tit gap. I'd hit it.

  • eviltwin

    She's got nothing on Christina Hendricks.

  • petwookiee

    Ummm… I just stumbled on the naked Karen Alloy pics, and have to say, she is Queen Ginger in my book…

  • equalizermax

    #18 – make it HQ please

  • Nicnac

    ginger? ain't she a brunette with red dye or highlights?

  • >18Only

    Women of the World; STOP GETTING BAD BOOB JOBS!
    That is all.

    • turdfergusson


  • Coldzilla

    Ya know I thought I was gonna have to Google her to find out exactly who she is but #7 told me all.

    Think Ill google her anyway 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001590566442 Ed Chapman

    Who is this creature? And why do I not know of her

  • eyefukdher

    Went to High School with her. She was hot back then too, gap or not! Someone needs to find North East High School in Oakland Park, FL's 1999 year book. There's a picture of her kissing another girl.

    • its_forge

      Ha holy frick that's right up the street from me.

  • turdfergusson

    She's not even a Ginger, fake red hair and no freckles.

  • Why Not?

    meh, seen better

  • its_forge

    Yay a grownup!!!! So tired of all the 20 year old girls in here. To say nothing of the zygotes even younger. Would be perfectly happy if we could keep it to pictures of women who know what it's like to have to purchase auto insurance. ::nod::

  • edocol

    she's a tad skinny

  • Ben

    #18 who's the blond?

  • Grifffy

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Having red hair does not make you a ginger. There is no such thing as a hot ginger. At most this girl is a Fringer – a Fringe Ginger but that is a stretch.

    She is super hot though! Plus she is currently on the Amazing Race again so you can see her each and every Sunday night and they do a good job putting her in revealing positions and attire.

  • rsreitz

    Am I the only one who sees her and thinks "Brunette, with a little bottle red tint."?

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