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  • googboog

    I didn't know they had laptop computers in 1978 @_@
    I wonder what Tim Berners Lee would have to say about this picture

    • Beau Young

      Yeah, they didn't. They had rooms full of hardware just to make one computer, and it didn't have a monitor. Everything was printed out on paper. My dad worked on them back in the 70's.

      • googboog

        i was being sarcastic, my dad had a laptop in 1991 or something and it was like a suitcase filled with rocks compared to this. it had a 286 processor with a 2 MB hard drive

    • Kent

      Oh ffs. You Brits really need to quit rewriting history.


      The internet is the TCP/IP protocol which was invented by Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf, two Americans working for the US military. Tim Berners-Lee created the web about 20 years later. The web is a system of code that is transmitted via the internet, it is not THE internet. It's a set of code that dictates format, it basically just creates the interface for pages. You can use the internet without using the web, you cannot use the web without using the internet.

      Claiming that the internet was invented by Tim Berners-Lee would be like taking a Corvette, an American car designed by Americans, then painting a Union Jack on it and calling it a British car.

      • googboog

        who said i was british? lol… by the way, i read the wiki entry on history of the internet as well..

        • Kent

          You really think wikipedia is the only source that would corroborate what I said?

          People who say what you did and give credit to Tim Berners-Lee are misinformed idiots. You've been taught a revision of history that was designed to rob the US of credit for something that is undeniably an American invention.

          • googboog

            oh i'm not saying the other guys didn't have anything to do with it. there may have been a thousand other systems like ARPANET, etc before Lee made it famous, just like Apple took the idea of a GUI from Xerox after they shelved their own project. the point is, i don't care enough to want to refute every wrong fact posted online, except for the one that says that Al Gore invented the internet. for now, Adios

            • Brah

              Alright, Americans invented the internet, which connected databases around the world. Brits or Swedes or some European group developed the world wide web, which is what we use, like right now. Americans invented the bones of it, but some Europeans made it accessible to us.

            • Kent

              You have no idea whatsoever what you're talking about.

              Tim Berners-Lee didn't make it famous. He created ONE system of code that is one of many that is trasmitted via the internet.

              The INTERNET is an engineering achievement by Americans. The web is a system of hypertext (most of which was already authored by Americans) that Tim Berners-Lee just compiled.

              Americans were the architects of the internet, and still are. Tim Berners-Lee was just a code monkey.

          • Sociology101

            Thumbs up to Kunt if you give a flying fuck.

          • DaElf

            "You've been taught a revision of history that was designed to rob the US of credit for something that is undeniably an American invention."

            Like Americans have never rewritten history before 😐

      • The Knowledge

        The Brits invented or discovered practically everything else worthwhile so it's obvious to think that a Brit invented the internet.

      • I.P. Freely

        What are you moaning about, the internet (As we know it) consists of work from multiple sources, and Tim Berners-Lee created what we all know as the 'net' today, both the possibility for us to use it and how we use it. (Plus a Brit created the first programmable computer system so who really cares about who created one the many things a computer can be used for)

        • Jen

          are you really arguing about who created the internet? lets see, who here has ever gotten a BJ from a female?

          • I.P. Freely

            Do you mean a female human?

            • I.C. Wiener


        • its_forge

          What??!!! Dude I was doing all kinda crap on the Internet for at least ten years before the World Wide Web came along. Web browsers are completely new shit compared to email and Usenet and ftp.

        • Kent

          No he didn't you idiot.

          The internet is the TCP/IP protocol, period. It is the actual technology that transfers data, a huge achievement that was done entirely by Americans. The web is just a surface-level system of code that dictates page format.

          It's amazing how stupid people are like you.

          The US invented the internet, period.

          • A Bit Too Happy

            The internet is not the rules that govern its communication, as matter of fact we use other communication protocols all the time. An example is UDP in lieu of TCP, TCP is a connection oriented protocol which makes it impractical for services such as VoIP,online video games and DNS.

      • Gregory Nelson Courtney

        why are people thumbs downing factual information?

        the internet is like the road system, streets, hi-ways, bridges, etc.
        the world wide web is just the sidewalks we use to get to the information on it.

        • Bill

          Nerd bantering is funny!

          • HellHath NoFury

            1337&33k5 lulzorz

            • Beau Young

              Hahahaha, I was totally gonna 10110101 but since you already 111 then we should definitely 1010001.

              • HellHath NoFury

                don't forget to wear a 110100101110

                • Beau Young


                  • coocoocuchoo

                    1101001010 SHUT THE FUCK UP.

                    • Homeister

                      nerdrage incoming D:

            • Generino

              There are 10 types of people in this world. Those that read binary, and those that don't.

    • its_forge

      Well, Tim Berners-Lee helped develop the World Wide Web, which is just one of the many things that is delivered over the Internet, so I don't know exactly what he'd say about this bullshit that someone made up based on something Al Gore said that was grossly misinterpreted.

    • Chantelle Wollbaum

      This is all rather entertaining. I wonder two things: 1)How many of you actually have a career in IT and have these 'facts' based on knowledge from schooling? 2)How many of you used the powers of the internet to research these 'facts' just so you can argue a point on thechive?

    • aosux

      "If you got a problem, take up with my butt because he's the only one that gives a crap."

      • googboog

        take up with your butt? the fuck does that even mean?



  • ilikewords

    i want more of these!

  • Beau Young

    Woot, I sent in #7 like 2 weeks ago.

    Also, #19 FTW!

    • HHNF's Minge

      I bet you did send #7 in, Beau. You strike me as the type who spends a LOT of time looking at pictures of queens on your computer.

  • HellHath NoFury

    19 was hilarious, but 15 was true. 'I don't need a man…his check, however…'
    Damn, long live the Queen.

    • Stevo

      no, not the queen, just , no.

      • Stevo

        She gave one of the officers in charge of the Bloody Sunday massacre an OBE, neg me all you want, I don't like the woman.

        • its_forge

          Her mom was pretty awesome though.

        • coocoocuchoo

          did he receive it before or after Bloody Sunday? also, what rank was he? as im sure a high-ranking officer would not have been present on the ground at the time of the massacre, an im also sure that a low ranking officer (of which some could have been present) would not recieve an OBE as they are more or less reserved for those people in the highest possitions of certain fields of duty.

  • Wadafakyatakinabout

    oh the interwebs and its "truths"

  • Beau Young

    Get it, in #10… the itatlic font is leaning… ha…. d'awww.

    • Its-a me, Mario

      nailed it!

    • coocoocuchoo

      funny, x(-1)

  • dean

    15 – hypocritical feminist bitches suck, only defense is a pre-nup.
    I wish chris rock's pussy payment idea would be applied to alimony cases, see how many are dropped.
    Sad thing is, bet some chicks would still take the payments.

    • nocturnesthesia

      Sometimes it's the female who has to pay alimony… Just sayin…

      • amnchd

        Once in a blue moon don't count

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    7. 58 years in office and zero corruption, zero sex scandals and zero abuse of office.

    That's why we don't want an elected head of state.

    • nemesis

      Please tell me you're not serious about the corruption/sex scandals and abuse of office. You're not, are you?

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        You know of the Queen being corrupt/involved in sex scandals? I *really* look forward to reading what you know.

        (Why do I get the feeling this will involve a lot of international conspiracies?…..)

    • Jim Duncan

      The proverbial "Benevolent Dictator" needs to be able to do more than politely suggest things. 😉

    • LOLWUT

      She might be the head of state, but the Prime Minister does more of the 'politicing'. The monarchy is much more of a figurehead than anything else.

    • its_forge

      She's a figurehead, homey.

  • A Bit Too Happy

    You just violated my quivering, fragile mind with your "truthiness".

  • mipo2010

    Clinton banged the Queen!!! Come on look at his smile

  • justplaintravis

    What was clever about the Fincher chart?? You can do something like that to any director.

  • stafferty


    A good deed is like pissing yourself in dark pants:

    You get a warm feeling but no one really notices

  • Sizzle

    7 is kinda awesome. Bitch is OLD.

    8 – SO TRUE!

  • Stan

    14- LOL!!!!!

    15- Take some of that alimony check and learn how to spell "excuse."

  • Alf

    that's not Dwight D Eisenhower, that's her husband.

    • Rusty

      Uhhh … nope.…

      That's EIIR on the left, Eisenhower next to her, QM next (I think), and Duke of Edinburgh on the right. Compare and contrast Ike and DoE. Significantly different.

      • its_forge

        QM oh that's the Queen Mum!! She was one kickass Brit, baby.

  • P-90

    #11 Isn't that the wolf-guy from Twilight.

  • steve

    15- yo ashley judd is still married. so…….

  • mattythegooch

    sooooo, Diddy's hundred dollar dildo, is litteraly a "hundred dollar" dildo?

  • sandra030

    Wow #3 is so very very wrong. Mother's ALWAYS think their daughters are up to something.

    • Sean

      ehh, depends, if the daughter is the youngest than carte blanche applies.

  • Byrd

    I just always feel the need to say this. When Al Gore was in the Senate, he was a leader in pushing for public funds for a military technology called "arpanet" which pioneered packet switching technology which was a precursor of today's internet. He later said that he was "a leader in the creation of the internet" – which is absolutely true. While it was a lie that he said he "created it", he was a major proponent of the funding that lead to its creation.

    Just sayin'.

    • its_forge

      Was that it or was it later on when Al also oversaw the moves in Congress that made the Internet open to commercial and corporate ventures and pretty much created what we're fricking looking at right now? Either way the guy did in fact have a major hand in the creation of this for better or for worse. People who criticize him for saying what he said are fucking jackasses.

  • Rusty

    There's no R in 'integrated.'

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think that it means.

    • A Bit Too Happy

      Etymology: L, integrare, to make whole
      1 the act or process of unifying or bringing together.
      integrate, v.
      yup so correction INTEgRated NETworks and there is an R in it…….lol

      it was really to illustrate the point the the internet is actually a system of several Autonomous Systems connected togehter through clearly defined routing protocols.

    • Sadie

      Inconceivable! 😉 Gotta love that movie.

  • Stevo

    #6 Sour grapes? if it's that easy to do the job, why not switch careers?

  • rawnoyz

    Jen, I haven't.. can you help me out?

    • Jen

      can i get dinner first?

  • FartFace

    Sheesh… God save the Queen

    • Q'Lizzie

      An entire nation saying that as their motto all the time, no wonder she's lived to long

  • Duke

    Re: #15 – My divorce attorney (a woman) was sued for divorce by her husband (quite a bit older than her and retired). She ended up paying him alimony :).

    Nice woman, did well by me – but I couldn't help laughing about it.

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