You asked us to find her, noble Edgar, and it wasn’t that hard… Jessica Burciaga (27 Photos)

Jessica Burciaga, but I call her the Mexican, Irish, German, French Miss June '09.

  • Vince

    Sweet mother of GOD !

  • Ian

    i like 13.

  • Dani

    So apparently: Mexican, Irish, German and French= Super hot exotic chick?!.. Good to know.. Good.. To.. Know..

  • Da Sandman

    totally ruined it for me when i found out that she's a playboy slut

  • Billy Bong Thorton

    Got a boner during class, now i can't leave… yet

  • edocol

    Omigod! I totally hooked up with her back in 05!

    • bloradius

      pics or it didn't happen. did you check for vd after?

  • kpsurf

    Underboob props!!!!


    she finally did playboy the other year and someones mad? At least she doesnt have fake, misaligned, oddly shaped breasts.

  • Anonymous

    She may be hot, but she's a real bitch…

    • A Bit Too Happy

      really? how do you know?

      • anonymous

        She told me once that I could never model. She was very mean about it as well! but look at me now! I guess I should actually thank her! although her mean comments did hurt, I may have never tried as hard as i did to make it without them! but whatever im over it! =]

  • rays667

    this makes me very happy (:

  • its_forge

    Found some video of her and I am VERY pleased that Playboy has finally stopped featuring nothing but giraffe-tall, stick-legged, plastic-chested blondes with giant ugly plastic boobs and teeny shriveled butts. Check her out on the web, this girl's got real honest-to-Goddess hips and a fine squooshy little belly on her, and like I said elsewhere, that behind is epic. Yay Playboy, y'all finally picked a sorta-real-looking woman. Woot!

  • fauxshow08

    nom nom nom.

  • Darren


  • northerner

    #19, Oh, my…..were I a younger man, my Fruit of the Looms would be rather damp…

  • me&me.again

    hot HOT HOT HOT, and did i mention? …..HOT AS HELL

  • booyaka

    got any more…natural pics of her? too much makeup

  • Jarod

    I give her my highest grade…A- !

  • kater

    a little, generic ho. not that she's ugly or somthin, it's just that judging by the pix one has to see her as a ho and nothin more

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • NoRapist

    Kobes side tail, I'll pass

  • Creeis que es cierto?

    […] […]

  • Kate

    Jessica burciaga is an old, chubby Mexican midget with a GROSS LISP! Her voice is disgusting

    I used to think she was hot from pictures, then met her in person. She acted like she was some huge celebrity and was so much better than everyone else.

    She's incredibly photogenic because in person she was seriously nothing special.

    Explains why she's 30 and can't get a boyfriend to stick around…

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