Best photos of the week (45 Photos)

  • gfhgfsdhtrsh

    33 = epic win

  • Gwst


  • Erwin Schrodinger

    18: I've now seen that Mein Fuhrer thing twice, and I still don't get it. It's a bottle of lotion? wtf?

    • vzla-ftw

      the top of the bottle and the bar code look like hitler's hair and mustache, hence, mein fuhrer -.-

      • Penelope

        Oh wow! It does. lol I didn't get it either. Thanks.

      • HellHath NoFury


        • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

          I used that as a screen name on Steam for a bit. Pissed off a lot of random jewish kids in Left 4 Dead XD

      • Erwin Schrodinger

        That's it? Wow. Really stretching there…

        • HellHath NoFury

          Go play with your cat.

          • UpOnTheRoof

            How's my favorite little muffin top doing this morning?

            • Beau Young

              You know, if they had posted a certain picture, you'd retract that statement.

              • Beau Young

                I take that back, no you wouldn't, you'd find some magical reason why it's photoshopped or something. So, nevermind. I keep forgetting that applying reason to the unreasonable never works, ever.

                • UpOnTheRoof

                  I'm sorry, what did you say? I don't speak homosexual.

                  • Beau Young

                    Ha! I haven't gotten my ass reamed that bad since Freddie Mercury awakened my inner feelings by teaching me how sex with women only makes you gayer by reducing your masculinity.It seems so much longer ago than yesterday……*Sigh*………..(at least I have this ice-pack to remind me).

            • HellHath NoFury

              *turns over in bed and asks her*

          • vzla-ftw

            he can't, he doesn't know if the cat's dead or alive

        • dece

          you should capitalize the "win" in your name.

    • shanna_SA

      omw was going to ask the same thing!!! thanks guys for the input 🙂

  • Bobba Fett

    Great week. I'd show my tits to Obama, but then, I'm just a fat dood. What do I know….


    #2 i dont get it wats with the bear …i wanna laugh too!

    • akajako

      It's Pedobear!!! If your on this site, you should know who that is…google it.

      • boo radley


        • Altober

          grammar nazi!!

      • ESCOBAR


    • vzla-ftw

      you don't know the pedobear????, dude welcome to the internet!!, is a new thing, hope you enjoy it

  • Maggot

    Who is the chick in #40??

    • everyone

      Hailee Rain

  • Beau Young

    Alright, let's try this again.

    #31 Man, who doesn't love to see a pussy enjoying some hot cock?

    • Altober

      no… how about

      Man, who doesn't love to see a pussy burning some hot cock?

      • Beau Young

        The only other way I would change it would be to say "…see a pussy PLAYING with some hot cock", not burning though. Doesn't look burnt to me.

  • Generino

    #20 – What lovely rolling hills in such a sweet valley.

    The scenery is nice, too B)

  • TheArchiDan

    #14 is just wrong .. that's just WRONG

    • Generino


      • Bénder

        PedoDonald perhaps?

      • Beau Young

        You're the second person this week to call him daffy. Daffy's an african-american duck, and Donald is a caucasian-american duck.

        • Danielle Vaughan

          LOL cute

    • TheArchiDan

      rule 34

  • johndory

    i lol at #38 every time i see it.

  • Hitbox

    who's #3?

  • aaa
  • TheChipification

    #9 Uhm Denise Milani, we found your bra. It's sorta blocking the road.

  • Sugreev2001

    I need to know who #40 is,PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !

    • cara

      40 is twellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllve. That's who 40 is 😉

  • Viking

    3 and 24, jaw dropping curves.

    • cara

      really? As a woman I was thinking "eeeew" imagine where those will be next month, let alone when she's older. they remind me of big saggy lactating boobs. She can't even get them to stay in the front, imagine when she stands it will be like a big pancake ass tucked in a bikini..

  • king


  • P-90

    #20 and #40 are still awesome.

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  • Malacoda

    #41 is faked, its impossible to have anything more than 2 rainbows, with the way the light refracts in raindrops, any 1st year met class student would know that.

    • vzla-ftw

      all 3 of you???

    • Donny

      Wrong, I caught a triple rainbow on videotape about 10 years ago

      • doctorwhorules

        This photo is still faked, even if 4 rainbows are theoretically possible. All the rainbows in the photo are identical. In reality, the second rainbow always has an inverted colour scheme.

    • Thechina

      Fake: the second rainbow's colours are always reversed.

  • Coldzilla

    #11 University of Calgary FTW!!!!!

  • gwarr

    who's #35

    • gwarr's Step-Dad

      Your mom after I had to declare bankruptcy due to the plastic surgery bills.

  • onlyChange

    15 got a serious laugh

  • cpt

    19 is just win

  • 1iJack

    #35 is Jaime Faith Edmondson

  • omg

    24?? omg please more 24 I just made room in the spank vault…sorry bea arthur your outta there!

    • shanna_SA

      aaaah that is so gross 😀 bwahahahaha

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