Cats like the humans foods (28 Photos)

  • lizzy

    the last gif never gets old

    • V4Vendetta14

      If Wilford Brimley were a cat, he would be that cat.

      • Erik von Markovik

        …and that cat would have diabettes

  • bl;aaaaaahhh

    omg first!!!!

    • timmy

      I've got some bad news, bl;aaaaaahhh

  • blaaah is awesome

    first AND SECOND. my god im so blessed

  • GunMcawesome

    is that pam from the office?

  • Kjell King

    Lets see how many lame pussy jokes get posted on this one. Ready, GO!

  • bob from accounting

    24 totally sucks at cooking pancakes.

    yea can i get a 10 stack of finely burned pancakes? they're my fav

    • Matthew

      Maybe they just like their pancakes with a little more contrast.

  • equalizermax

    #23 – I hate this stupid birthday thing….

  • BigDingo

    best post ever?

  • Helvetti

    lolcatz @ theCHIVE ? …
    … I only accept it because of #22

  • Brand_n

    #22 – Great Bioshock reference

    • Semper

      I was coming down to the comments specifically to mention that. I enjoyed it. :]

  • Poo

    1=Jenna Fisher, Pam

    • Kjell King

      I don't think so

  • mipo2010

    you must never burn the pancakes

    • Brand_n


  • Marcos Haubert

    i must get a kitten

  • Sarah

    LMAO – our cats are food ninja's
    Lost a thawing steak once (silly husband left it out) – that was a lesson quickly learnt!

    (One almost begs like a dog – its a cross between bing cute and absurdly annoying – especially when they gang up – one distracts and the other tries to swipe stuff off your plate!)

    And what is it with cats & Salmon?
    Not so bad with any other fish – but Salmon – ours go tottaly nuts over it!

  • Jane

    I probably laughed harder than I should have at the last one:)

  • Dave Murray

    2, 9, and 14 are genius! Thanks, haven't laughed that hard in a while.
    This is why cats will one day rule us all. Hail The Cat Overlords!

  • dtrick520

    Sometimes owning a cat actually looks fun, the problem is actually getting one like these.

  • Hez26

    #26 .."alls we gotta do…."

  • skull head

    used to have a cat that would go crazy for pretzels..

  • Coldzilla

    Dogs rule

    That is all

  • Brah

    I love my cats, but they are insane when it comes to food. I can't even leave out a goddamn apple without finding my cat eating it. He even likes wine.

  • BloodScrubber

    #28 Pure hilarity. Reminds me of granddad. Minus the fur of course.

  • funny cats with human food photos theCHIVE | How to Care Tips for Cats

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    22 bioshock FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frenchgirl

    21 doesn't seem so pleased…But I can understand why

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