Never-before-seen photos of Jenn Sterger will turn your day right around (30 Photos)

Last week, one of our Chivers named Shane sent us a buncha' Jenn Sterger photos. Shane's the ruggedly handsome man on the far right in the lead photo up there. Shane was friends with Jen at FSU before she moved on to the Jets and eventually found herself in the middle of a Brett Favre penis controversy.
Yes, some of these photos you've seen before but many were taken by Shane. Apparently, dirty old men LOVED having their photos taken with Jen. Aside from that, boobs.

  • phideauxe

    horse face

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    Ive seen a lot hotter !

  • smack

    Minute 16 and counting….

  • Rolis

    #25 when you see it you will ……….

    look at what shes holding, it does look like it

  • Quasimodo

    #16 One of these "things" is not like the others…..

  • Mr. Right

    she pretty horrible with that stupid face and aweful unnatural fake boobs.. where all natural beauties are gone….???

  • bear

    her friends are hotter than her

  • Steve

    Wouldnt kick her out of my bed for eating crackers….too bad she's going the way of a law suit and receiving her few minutes of fame like this.

  • me3

    So THIS is what a "team hostess" does! And here I just thought hooka just about covered it!!!

  • Truth

    Her and the girl with her in pic #5 both use to be strippers in Cocoa Beach at a strip club called Lido's. How do I know? Cause I helped pay for those tits AND her college education… all with $1s.

  • mith

    WOW, can you say hooker!

  • Always Last


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