Yer doin it…right. (21 photos)

  • Benjamin Dennison

    I hope that #7 is in yen

    • Norm

      It isn't an actual receipt. Just a print-out of the bar's take for the night…

      • Benjamin Dennison

        Guess I need to win the lottery and open an Irish bar

      • Shoestring

        Actually you are wrong, its Iron Maiden's bar tab from Norway. The Norwegian Kroner is about 6:1 to the U.S. dollar.

        • hmm

          wow no wonder a jack daniels glass (I assume shot?) is 61 per.. i was like wtf kinda of place is that??

      • Norm

        I been schooled. My apologies.

        • Norm

          Damned duplicate posts… Time to go beat my head into a wall.

    • Nick

      Norwegian Kronur

    • Mama Scribe

      hah i think its Lira or Pesos.

    • Jay

      It's in norwegian kroners. -About 3 457, 94 dollars.

    • Prof

      60 bucks a drink and i thought my corner bar was pricey

      • Steven Vargas

        I submitted #7 a longtime ago and Shoestring its Iron Maiden's tab its actually $3,428.65USD

        • Steven Vargas

          *shoestring is right

    • elbruces

      Norwegian Kroner, actually. It was run up by Iron Maiden.

  • HellHath NoFury

    Mmm, puppy love.
    Orange, stunna shades, no hips, no bewbs, smells like cigars. Jersey Shore win?

    • Kjell King

      Not hawt

  • Kjell King

    #6 is a win
    #10 Fallin' back on that ass!


    #6 – $66 for a pint of Guinness. JESUS!

    • LOLWUT

      And they didn't even spell it right…

  • Nick

    #7 is Norwegian Kroner. Hansa is a beer brewed in Bergen, Norway and "nøtter", "hvidvin" and "rødvin" are Norwegian words…

  • notgay,jusayin

    18 is whats up. thats doing it right

  • BigDingo

    puppy win

  • 8vs

    cool bus is rad

  • Terry Burke

    i want 21's job. thats awesome

  • equalizermax

    Pic7- #27 – Slippery Nipple – Yummy!

  • uselesssites

    i want to do that bat thingy to my carro

  • Bob

    #17 is awesome.

  • Gandyman

    #21 – Great to see the local news casters on TheChive.

  • Skedaddle

    #4- SWEET! Look at those puppies!

  • mattythegooch

    #9 is marriage material……..sadly, she's holding the cigar at the wrong end. Ohhhh well, if that's her only flaw.

  • Coldzilla

    #17 true doggie style LOL

    #18 F**K YA!!

  • cpt

    hell, if #7 isnt in yen or somethin, that guys payin 66$ for a pint of guiness…

  • jordan

    #7: those are Norwegian Krones.
    and 66 Krones = $11.27 US Dollars (for one pint of guniess). wowzers

    • HardCore Mike

      I was gonna say cause if that was US $, we're talking $66 for a pint of Guiness!!!

  • Pax

    #2 is Making Duck FACE!!

  • Thefunky Cold

    Nr 7 is a bill from Norway … WIN WIN. Kims chili nøtter

  • Leonel

    #17 Well, A for effort. Can't blame the pup.

  • Anonymous

    I feel I have to comment on the 20k bar bill. Not a bad total but that’s from South Africa and in Rands so actually about 3k USD. Still not bad but nothing to post about.

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