More animals I don’t hate (26 photos)

  • bee

    not first

    • Randy


  • T-Boz

    I must admit, i love too , especially on pizza!

  • RandomDude23

    24 is sooo .. herp derp ! lmao

  • BigDingo

    Seeing all these animals being so awesome reminds me to try to be a little more awesome every day

    • TaD!

      i=I feel the same way buddi

  • mali sapun

    # 18 "What's updog?"

  • johndory

    lol at 26

  • @Mattchaby

    On #15 I immediatly saw John Lenon and I'm under 40… Is that bad doc' ?

    • Humm

      Same here on Both accounts…

      But not a fan of Harry Pothead

  • man man

    otters gonna ott FTW!

  • Carli

    I lol'd at 20

  • Broadbem

    #24 Herp Derp

  • Boooger

    21 Hell ya, you go boy. I got dibs on the other leg.

  • floscar

    What if I only see it as a cat with glasses.

  • TheOtherWho?

    #18…"bored back here bro, sup.."

    #20..suspicious owl is suspicious

  • Beau Young


  • Beau Young

    #2 No need to hurry up, you're completely safe here with me, nothing's going to hap *SMASH*


  • equalizermax

    Good Job chive

  • Hook

    I hate #10

  • Nelson Costa

    Awesome post Chive. animals are way cooler than humans! B)

    #6 i want a dog/fox like this

  • combattruckmonkey

    #8, SeaWorld San Diego FTW.

  • HellHath NoFury

    If I'm under 40 and I know how to spell, 'you're', what does that mean?

    • northerner

      It means you were fortunate to not have been educated under the control of the US Education System and the NEA…oops, did I just say that?

      • HellHath NoFury

        True. Pretty bad that Third-world countries cement literacy into their kids instead of allowing idiocy to fly just so kids 'feel good', like here. Man I miss home.

  • Phil

    Dog in #21 knows what's up. Yeaaahh get with the drunk chick.

  • northerner

    Not everyone's either a 60s acidhead or a 90s Wiccan…just sayin'…

  • Dan H

    the chocolate lab in the last picture is my dog

  • R. Wiggum

    #24 there's my chippy.

  • sanji

    like the post!

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