Thank you Jorge Villarreal (16 HQ Photos)

U.S. Marine Cpl. Jorge Villarreal of San Antonio, Texas with India Battery, 3rd Battalion, 12th Marine Regiment patrols near Forward Operating Base (FOB) Zeebrugge on October 17, 2010 in Kajaki, Afghanistan. Villarreal died a short while later after stepping on an improvised explosive device (IED).

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  • Justin

    A really touching post

  • Anakrusix

    One of my friends died 10/12/2010. Same area, as far as I know. You hear about deaths all of the time, but you don't realize how terrible it is until it happens to someone you know. God bless the troops.

    • Jimmy

      You know me and my fiance were out celebrating her birthday the same day and it just made me think, while we're out enjoying our lives and having fun…these troops are putting their lives on the line to allow us to have a free life. It's these things we take for granted. I hope your friend is in a better place now. And I thank him or her for the sacrifice they gave, the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Jimmy

    Rest In Peace Cpl. Jorge Villarreal and thank you.

  • Rob

    I have nothing but the deepest respect for these troops in harm’s way. Cpl Jorge Villarreal and all the others that have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country I humbly offer my sincere heartfelt thank you. It’s these men and women that step up to the line everyday and guard this country, It’s these men and women that stand watch over our way of life so that my children will live in a country that’s free that make me so proud to be an American. It’s these men and women that we owe so much to and I hope we never forget what they do for all of us every minute of every day.

    God Bless our troops.

  • dvldog


  • Teeps74

    Gone, but never forgotten. Rest now.

    Pro Patria – Semper Fi

  • Ernesto

    Thank you for your sacrifice! Sympathies and best wishes to the Villareal family.

  • Danny

    Dammit……..this made me cry;as every post of young men and women who have died for all of us…

    RIP Marine, RIP
    My condolences to his family…

  • BoboTbaggins

    All my thoughts go out to Jorges friends and family… he was and is a true hero. I have the most respect for all those who have and are currently serving our country… and to all you smelly hippies… go bum a tree!


    Riposa In Pace.

  • orion11

    RIP killer, Semper FI.

    ** on another note, its good to see pictures of what the war is really like and not some other branches doing combat poses for their pictures being taken.

  • ahello2u

    Take a look..this is what a true hero looks like. Rest in peace buddy. Semper Fi.

  • TiminPhx

    Semper Fi Brother.

  • blewsouth

    semper fi brothers

  • Kavster92

    wow. massive respect to this guy. photos are really moving.

  • Met

    Rest in peace soldier.
    My condolences go to all who knew him and all American people.
    May good bless all those fighting for freedom and their families.

    Respect from Kosova

  • rah

    Semper Fi Devil Dog

  • ForTheHonor

    His real name is Marine.
    He was born on Parris Island,
    The place where God forgot.
    The sand is 18 inches deep,
    The sun is blazing hot.
    And everyday he'll wake up,
    Before the rising sun.
    He'll run a hundred miles or more,
    Before the day is done.
    He's deadly with a rifle,
    A bayonet made of steel.
    He's took the Devils calling card,
    He's mastered how to kill.
    And when he gets to heaven,
    St. Peter he will tell.
    One more Marine reporting Sir,
    I've served my time in hell.

  • Grano De Oro

    send this post to the WH and every jerk off congressman who beleive in wasting american dollars and lives on a useless hell hole with no baring on american security

  • An American

    Rest in peace, Brother.

    You and all of the others that met your same fate will not soon be forgotten. You are what makes this country great. Giving the most precious gift so that all of the ungrateful, selfish bastards here in this country can complain about all of the things they don't have.

    God save our soldiers.

  • Erich

    Thanks for this excellent post. A vigil was held here in San Antonio recently to remember Jorge and all who have fallen.

  • Bryan

    Well done, soldier. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

  • Coldzilla

    Rest now Cpl. Jorge Villarreal

    Your job is done

    ** salutes **

  • Jonathan

    Jorge, You will always be in our hearts we know you are looking over us as we fight this fight. Till we meet again. I Love you. Cpl Jackson

  • sanji

    salute to those soldier who put their lives on the line.. thank you guys!

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