Women please DON’T do this (13 Photos)

Listen I’m not one preach morals and certainly have no real quarrel with people getting plastic surgery (at least in moderation). However, there is one cosmetic surgery that ALWAYS looks horrible, and it’s lip injections (or lip implants).

It is always easy to spot, and never makes your lips or face look better. Please, for the love of all that is Holy, stop this.

  • McBeastie

    I was thinking the title referred to the fact that in the first pic she was holding the remote control. Women, don't take the remote…that belongs to men.

    And don't do the lips thing either.

  • thetech2

    train wreck getting that done is equivelant to having all your buddies see you leaving the bar at 11 with two very fat chicks the whole world knows and has seen it you can't hide it or deny it so you act all like you did it on purpose and your proud of it in short your an idiot ,you know it they know it but you can't run from it

  • WTF

    There's only one thing lips like that are good for….

    • Ken

      An emergency flotation device?

  • Guy Incognitus

    See photo #1 for perfect lips. See photo #13 for an alien.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aignepalooza Aigne Likekanye Grooms

    her mouth now is walking advertisement for female twat pumps!

    wonder what would make a woman wanna stick a penis pump on their vag anyway?

  • equalizermax

    She should have get that boobs implant instead…

  • zym

    I always enjoyed getting wax lips on halloween or whenever as a kid. I enjoyed them. I did not, however, hot glue them to my fucking face.

  • Rick

    Id fck her stupid. The lips dont look all that great on her but id still tear it up and let her give me the most epic head ever!!!!!

  • Rolis

    if i wanted to fuck a blow up doll i would fuck a blow up doll, wtf

  • mipo2010

    You would need a plunger to do CPR to that chic…And she could double as a plunger if the shitter gets clogged

  • ron

    congratulations- you look like sh1t

  • Grodon

    Fugly to say the least; what a shame, was cute to begin with D:

  • Khaki Mallard

    Pix 3 and 4: Looks like the doctor had some fun while she was knocked out. SKEET!

  • Kpas27

    Quack….quack….quack…quack….quack…. gooooooooooooooooo DUCKS!

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  • JAB

    wow…she was really hot in her first pick….but I'll take one for the team…give me 10 minutes, a case of beer and a vivid imagination and the rest she'll get her money's worth….

  • nouu

    bitches are stupid.

  • ahoym8

    Ahahaha! I just peed ma pants a little. Clearly she wants to be a duck

  • mith

    What a stupid b*tch…

  • Catence

    For the love of God why?

  • someguy

    Aw damn, now she'll never be able to play the trombone…

    • top dog

      Sure she can, and the skin flute, and the penispipe, and the blowmyballs and…..

  • NO!


  • DAn

    Horrible life decison!!

  • aleXTC

    well if she was too stupid to realize she was hot before getting that ridiculous surgery, I'd say she deserves to look like shit.

  • dpitty

    i dont mean this in a sexist way at all, but fuck me women can be so stupid.

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