• paul

    the hand hover is hilarious. just too scared to touch the talent

    • Incredible Mr.Brisby

      haha yup hand hover is gold

    • rob

      I'd like to think I wouldn't be too scared to ask her if this rag smells like chloroform and then kidnap her.

      Gotta make sure she has a bucket when she wakes up though. That stuff can get pretty gross.

  • equalizermax

    Do you have any other interesting post than this?

    • parker

      it's not interesting for you. But for fanboys like myself, this is one of the funniest things I've seen all year

    • Coldzilla

      Dont you have a more interesting comment that?


  • Ken

    She's a starlet not starlit.

    It's a DragonCon convention not the VIP room at some Vegas club, what'd we expect?

    Love the Peter Cushing shirt on #24.

  • chrisdg74

    I was hoping for something like 29. Girl's expression NEVER changes.
    Well played, Chive. Well played.

    • Gibby

      which one is you?

      • chrisdg74

        There's my little troll. So, since you're here, am I to assume that b0b is manning the bridge?

    • creed braton

      i got like 5 in and went back to the top to see if they just shopped funny people in.

    • yup

      Maybe she suddenly lost a little confidence, when an above average guy was close to her.

  • GMO

    Holy shit! What's funny is it appears some of these dudes have girlfriends.
    So what is this chick saying to herself?
    God why did I do a nerdy TV show?
    At least when I leave I can get into my expensive car and make like a tree and get the fuck out of here.
    I have never smelled so much dorito breath in my life.
    If one more guy asks me to dress up like Xena I'm going to start kicking ball sacks.
    Why couldn't they just have made a cardboard cutout of me?

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha. All of those guys are losers! It's cool to make fun of them, because I am anonymous online and no one can see me but I am making fun of these people because they are dorks, hahaha. They've probably never been laid! (I haven't either, but I'm not awkwardly posing with a hottie while simultaneously jizzing in my pants). And, before you go there, yes I am 12 years old. Also, these guys are all mad NERDS! I want to give them wedgies, but I can't because I am weak and feeble.

    • F U Chiveassholes


    • aosux

      So…which pic are you in?

    • Marv

      Kudos…. Now lets get you laid anonymously anonymous…

  • Steve

    She's not smiling with the guy in grey shirt. She looks nervous, she must be into him.

    • Caca

      No Steve, she's not into you.

      And stop referring to yourself in the third person again.

  • Mutt

    You know, I had a dream that started something like #26….god I hated waking up, wanted to just keep dreaming

  • Joeyk

    As much as I would try and fight it I would probably be grinning like an idiot as well..

  • 76United

    She looks like a cardboard cut out. She looks exactly the same in every pic. Props to her for being so cool with her fans.

    • Ballzonya

      If she WAS a cardboard cutout these pictures would be a lot less awkward!

      • fres

        If it was a cardboard cutout instead of her, the pictures would be creepy.
        If it was a doll, it would be NSFW

  • Ash22

    I'm impressed with her ability to not look creeped out at all. That is a damn good actress. She IS pretty awesome in Firefly so it should come as no surprise.

  • JustPlainTravis

    Dammit, I miss Firefly…

    • Coldzilla

      Me too #2

  • Steven Vargas

    I LOVE YOU SUMMER GLAU!!!!!!!!!!

  • saltygary

    This woman is a saint. They can make a horror movie with these guys.

  • mattythegooch

    Got to love a hot girl feigning interest in a swarm of Spaz's!!!

  • Phil

    That's funny. I guess she found the last guy to actually be somewhat attractive huh? Or at least normalish… some of those people were freaky.

  • hossmank

    WTF is with these people?

  • F U Chiveassholes

    What's with 20? Is that ChiverJohn or something?

  • Nicejobbro

    #27 Superman shirt + Mario face = Super Fucking Mario!!! He's Real!!!

    • Luigi

      I thought the exact same thing.

      • meh

        mario? you clearly mean carl brutananadilewski in a dragoncon disguise.

  • Stevo

    #12 for most awkward boner award.

    • Caca

      More like "Most awkward" blindness award.


  • ROK

    #26 – look closely at that man – that, my friends, is the look of ultimate triumph.

    also, its amazing that all those photos are of the same species. just mind boggling.

  • Simon James Law

    26 wow seriously part of me wants to hate that guy but I can't seem to over the overwhelming awesomeness of that moment.

  • alysinwunderland

    She looks exactly the same in each picture. Well, except for the last one, she looks like he's grabbin' her ass or somethin' weird in that photo.

    • top dog

      No, I think she's just scared as hell, I mean, look at the guy.
      She is a cutie pie. Hell, all the women of firefly are cutie pies.

  • Eric

    #6 Kevin James?

  • Del

    Combo Breaker FTW!

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