• Timmay

    What is this lame post day at the Chive?

  • Cha

    Isn't the chick on the left in #26 the one from V?

  • Henry Gibson

    You know what I just discovered? Seeing one of your best friends from college in one of these posts is just the scariest damn thing in the world.

  • Pat

    Is # 3 & 4 the same Girl / Guy? ummm… wait what?

  • P-90

    #13 Marvel shirt, I have the black version.

  • Skedaddle

    Holy shit. Awkward is an understatement for these. WIN! o.0

  • Da Sandman

    haha look at all the nerds scared to touch a hot girl

  • femtrooper

    Poor girl, she needs a hug from a total stranger. *creepily tight hug*

  • edocol

    16, 25 & 27. Creepy as all fork.

  • The Dude

    Summer is hot. Is that a poseable action figure of her? She looks exactly the same in every photo.

  • ROK

    YES PLEASE NOW. firefly fucking rocks. morena baccarin is HOTTT. V would have been more successful if they wouldnt have cut all her beautiful hair off. wtf.

  • Brah

    I would have hated to be her. I don't even like getting that close to family members. To have to do that with total strangers, especially ones with crazy eyes, that's no fun at all.

  • Tony

    #27 – Carl from ATHF. I wonder why they didn't let him wear the wifebeater.

  • Your mom

    Poor girl… I bet she just wishes guys would treat her like a normal hot chick…. oh wait! These are nerds doing the hand hover. NM, they are.

  • markkens

    None are worthy.

  • Jerry

    It's a picture gallery of the largest virgin convention

  • Anderino

    #27, the guy at the end. I don't know that his hand is around her waist…

  • Anonymouse

    Ah, DragonCon. Get lit and harass the stars at the Walk of Fame. Best three days a liver can survive.

  • Canadian Bacon

    She's a champ to stand there all day meeting the cream of society. BTW, the Peter Cushing shirt (#24) rocks!

  • Anonymous

    #27 is real life Super Mario

  • hit me

    … she is a robot. the same in every shot. luke perry was at the same place. his awkward photos are equally hilarious despite or perhaps due to, being 200% less sexy.

  • bad_kitty

    i am glad that she took my advice…. if you want to look hot stand next to a homely person

  • Arthur

    1. is this type of pics normal in conventions?
    2.whats with the straight face in the last pic wtf

  • Robert

    She actually looks like she likes #28. All the other pics she's just smiling politely.

  • Why Not?

    27 it's-a me supaman!

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