• Nunya


    It's time to Photoshop Summer Glau in random environments

  • RGH

    Poor Summer.

  • Sam

    Oh my word! Where DO these people come from?

  • Brandon

    #26 so wins…

  • Shane

    I think 28 had his hand on her ass, right on the bottom cusp. Hence the look.

  • dawgsman81

    #1- that's Seth Rogan evil twin. lol

  • Mars

    combo breaker ftw!!!

  • Penelope

    I find it very hard to make fun of any of these people…because I KNOW if I met a start I really admired I would have that deer in the headlights happy face too.

  • Darla

    So she found her good side and stuck with it, so what? I only look good smiling from a few angles too. Also, the way they do these photos is very assembly line, so you get in, get the shot, and get out, there's no time to chit chat and come up with a clever pose.

  • dealerdan

    This was amazing.

  • Beldar

    I assume this convention took place right next to the local Wal Mart.

  • FuckOff

    #15: His shirt pretty much sums up every one of these people's lives haha

  • Matthew J. Cochran

    She really seems to have taken that in stride. Of all the awkward situations there she was smiling like she was completely ok with it.

  • MicFisty

    The dude in 13 looks like the WOW nerd from south park.. creepy

  • Htownpunk

    and for one afternoon all the children in the neighborhood were safe to go outside and play……..

  • Soundnous


  • Ratty

    I was helping out for this session and I can tell you when 28 walked in he was like 'don't give me no false smile woman' and Summer was all 'oh my a real man' and he was 'yeah, you know it'.
    True story.

  • Mark

    Ha! I love how Sean M. was randomly thrown in there.

  • Woman in Sacramento

    This annoys me. There is nothing awkward about most of these people. They're just human. Just because they're not plastic gorgeous with fake personalities, they're awkward? I'll take a room full of gamers over a room full of posers, any day.

  • Jeff

    Why is it that the only picture she's not smiling in is also the only one where she's not standing next to a greasy nerd?

  • Angus seems to be missing

    […] seems to be missing A treasure trove of awkward moments with TV star Summer Glau Sometimes, being a celeb ain't all it's cracked up to be. And what did Morena Baccarin do to her […]

  • The insider

    Hmmm, the only way someone could have got the pics was if they also had a photo with Summer Glau or if they worked for the photographer. I wonder which it was… and why they didn't point out that bit of information.

  • halfkneegrow

    25, far left is sexy.

  • Max

    #27, 30 minutes later he tapped it.

  • Lenny Warren

    #5 and #20 are fully prepared to "go all the way"

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