Far as muscular chicks go, I would… the following (16 Photos)

Feel free to disagree of course...

  • AtomManhattan

    Disagree? Why the hell would I do that?!
    These women are hot as hell…

  • jack wagon

    who is #12?

    • john

      stephanie mcmahon

  • simon

    its ok you dont have to bring them down because that your not happy with your own image.

  • Ron

    id lick #7 pussy

  • Carter

    I love how everyone here picks and chooses who they'd bang…meanwhile none of these chicks would ever look a second time at any of you tools. That includes 10, who could pull in plenty of hot ass for herself. Dirty, wimpy little scrubs like you ain't gonna cut it.

    • Jay

      i so agree with you Carter These tools are funny as heck! og i would do her maybe… but lets be real these women would not even take a second look at them.

    • Filbur

      I have to say… you're more than a little right. I would also have to say, you're a friggin tool!

  • Always Last


  • http://www.oftendrunk.com OftenDrunk.com

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    Who doesn’t love a muscular babe? Imagine if you score one of these babes and she doesn’t want to do anything. She lays on her back and makes you do all the work.

  • Paul

    she has veins bulging on her abs o_o

  • Keith

    I'd go for number 7 anytime. She's beautiful and elegant.

  • carolinajim

    I think nothing is hotter than a fit strong chick who can crush you with her thighs. i've dated athletes and i've dated model waifs and there is no comparison – in bed or out, the athletic chick is more fun. 14 is my favorite.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jethal.eq2 Matthew StGelais

    I have no problem with fit girls.. it's when they stop looking like women that i have an issue.

  • royci79

    I found this:

    Erica Perez

    She is so hot

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