Pssst…I have something to tell you (22 photos)

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  • Bobba Fett

    Top notch middle finggery.
    Its a coincidence that 10 is giving me the finger, cause I'd like to make her my personal pinky ring.

    • Its-a me, Mario

      10 is the jackpot, you can obviously see that she is having difficulty establishing which finger is the middle finger. You just as well argue that she is giving you a thumbs up while getting ready for a nice duckface. So its the jackpot alright, not smart enough but hot enough. everybody dreams to have one of those at home.

      • Beau

        No. No they don't. Never speak for everybody again.

        • rob

          I have to agree with Beau. She's not even really THAT hot.

          Especially not to make up for having to remind her to breathe.

          • Beau

            I'd much rather have a chick at home that could put me in my place when I was wrong, who also had the common sense, intelligence, and wherewithal to acknowledge when she was wrong (though it may rarely or never happen, lol). Being hot is a plus, but being dumb is terrible.

            If you want a dumb broad raising your kids and setting a terrible example for them, just go to any military-heavy area. There are tons of them looking to jump on some government funded and insured cock. They're elsewhere too, just easier to find there with the higher concentration of them.

            • Justin Hall

              This is a post about hot chicks giving the finger. Get off the fucking high horse and enjoy.

              • Beau

                The post was, his reply wasn't. *leans back and moves fingers into place* I'm crushing your head!

      • test
  • JeremySantana

    #6 Nice Dildo Bitch.

  • Wee Willy

    I know just where they can all stick those fingers. They should all bend over in one big circle.

    • Qwerty

      you sir, WIN!

  • Jake

    #7 is the Ukrainian prime minister, right? Does anybody know the story behind it? Was she really flipping of someone?

    Also, who is #9?

    • crazy-commie

      #7 Yep, she's major political figure in Ukraine… BUT that is not the worst case of Eastern European politicians doing naughty/offensive/stupidf things…

    • HSoup

      Tera Wray

    • jrod

      its photoshopped

  • Joey Mitchell

    21 FTFW

  • fasterthanu

    Fuck you guys, am goin' home…

  • vince

    This gallery reminds me…I need a new pickup line….

  • mipo2010

    Ahh yes, the middle finger…Where would you like it?? Oh look I have another one too

  • bad_kitty

    flipping the bird never looked better

  • Terry Burke

    tell me when and where ladies.

  • Karakaltaka

    does anybody know who is #4?
    i've come across a lot pics of her around the internets

    • heybb

      dunno but she has a funny nose

  • Phondo

    At least one of these young ladies is exhibiting early dermatophytic onychomycosis. NOT FUNNY.

  • jakefeely

    #4 is just about to get fucked.. #17 just caught the guy across the table bein smart.

  • nichgq

    i think we all know where those fingers have been, thanks though.

  • yourIPendswith9

    The title of this post should be – "What finger do I use to flick the bean?"

  • Rick

    10 ten should do porn.

  • kingblc

    who is #9, this is the second time I have seen this photo.

  • charles

    number 9, somebody has to know who she is

  • johndory

    moar #10. #19 looks like a brutal root

  • jeremy

    Who the hell is the chick in the yellow shirt and black panties

    • Akez

      google tahiticora

  • C-G

    #10 isn't giving the finger, she's pointing at herself while thinking "look at me! look at me!"

  • bob

    #9 tera gray

    • bob

      sorry. Tera Wray

  • equalizermax

    I'm from Texas too!

  • Kyle Retrato

    I'm almost sure #19 is a dude.

    • Travis

      Me too…I'm pretty sure #21 is also…

    • AKez

      Actually she's a really popular web model who goes by Princess Blueyez

  • p. venkman

    #6 is the mythical animal known as the screwnicorn

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